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Touch of Grey Be Gone!

merylstreepdwp.jpgStress is the worst! Not only are things miserable when I’m stressed, stress reeks havok on everything from my skin to my hair! I can always tell if I need to take a chill pill and just take a breather and relax by looking at my scalp. When things get bad, I always have grey hairs sprouting!!  Luckily I’m still in my 20s and still have a full head of hair so I can just plug those babies out, but there’s something about seeing grey hairs that always gets my head spinning and worrying about the day my hair will look like Mrs. Streep in The Devil Wears Prada! My mom is only in her 50’s and she needs to get her hair touched-up every 3 weeks to prevent greys from showing — I can barely find time to schedule my appointment every 3 months! I have discovered a wonderful product though for my stray greys — Grey Root Touch-Up from Avon’s Advanced Techniques line. I have to say I’m partial to Avon after having worked there for a short stint — I love their message about empowering women:) Not all of their products are amazing, but there are definitely some hidden gems in their line. Jump for more!


Root Touch-Up looks just like a mascara stick and is a fast (quick

dry), easy (no mess), way to cover-up grey hairs between coloring. All

you do is comb on the temprorary gel tint formula when you see signs of

grey. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with “serious” grey roots or

someone without highlights, but for someone who like me (I’m a dirty

blonde so the fact that this only comes in 3 colors — Light Brown,

Brunette, and Black — is fine since I have a few different shades of

blond/brown in my hair…I used the Light Brown and it blended in

fine), is just looking to cover-up the occasional stray-greys!

product line - hi res.jpg

On a side-note, 2 wonderful and NATURAL remedies to stress are Bach’s Homeopathic Rescue Remedies, which have targeted homeopathic remedies based on the specific stress you are experiencing and Balance Water which are made with Australian flower essences:) 


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  1. I’m only 23, and luckily nowhere near getting grey hair, but I thought Meryl Streep really rocked that look in DWP. My mother is 51 and has hair that looks very similar to Streep’s, which is probably why I liked it, but I think she looks good, too. Of course, if you’re sensitive about it, covering it up might be good too, but I think if you properly care for it, grey hair can be sophisticated and beautiful, too.

  2. I totally agree that Meryl rocked it:) I’m more worried about a full mane of grey hair pre my 60s! About Great Lash, I haven’t tried it, but the Avon product did the trick for me (but again I would only recommend it if you have stray greys and highlights), and it’s only about $5.