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Ask the Snob: Bad Weather Bag Dilemma


Hi Tina, I hope you can solve my bad (rain/snow) weather bag dilemma. Seems like weather in Chicago is getting worse and worse. All this rain and snow is killing my lovely bags. It’s time for a patent leather bag/tote. I am considering Lanvin Rodeo, YSL downtown and YSL Muse. I also love Anya Hindmarch patent bags, but most seem to have suede accents, big no-no in the crummy weather. What do you think?

Thank you! Cannot wait for the next installment of the snob webisode. I am addicted to the snobs. xoxo, Julie


stellainterior.jpgDear Julie, I was caught in the awful rain last Tuesday in New York and was thinking the exact same thing myself! A patent leather bag is definitely an option for rain/snow and though I usually do not like cloth interior I have to agree that suede interior for a bad weather bag is not the most functional. All of the bags you mention will work but I also I found another option for you, a patent tote from Stella McCartney ($1,395 above). In the long run, patent leather will also get water stains so a man made material like Stella’s patent tote is the best option in the rain/snow. It has a zipper and flap over top to ensure your valuables stay dry. The interior is also functional with divided compartments (one side for wet stuff, the other for dry) and detachable purse. Stella McCartney Patent Tote at

Thank you for your support and kind words! I hope this helps and let me know what you choose! Love, Tina



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  1. Hi Tina, as you know, I live in Chicago like Julie and I usually grab my Bottega man tote in sardegna green when it’s raining. I haven’t been caught in a torrential downpour with it – just regular showers. It seems to be treated cause the raindrops seem to bead on it. Anyway, my question is this – if I ever were to get caught in a downpour with it, can canvas get water stains like leather? I ruined a Jil Sander leather messenger earlier this year due to water stains – it was in a light taupe color – I gave it to the Salvation Army. I just wanna make sure nothing ever happens to my man bags again!!!

  2. Hi Tina,

    Thank you! I did not even think about water stains on patent leather, man made fabric will solve that problem. I am ordering this bag today! It’s functional and I love the bubble finish. I am getting the Lanvin Rodeo PM too, i cannot resist the pearls/ribbons/chain combo, but i will save it for less rainy days.

    You should have seen me last week running from my office to the parking lot in a terrential downpour carrying my brand new caramel color BV tote in a plastic bag…

    xoxo Julie

  3. What a great idea! It’s expensive but at least it’s stylish and Stella McCartney has always been one of my faves. My question is, how durable is the man made material?

  4. I finalized my rain/snow bag dilemma with a Chanel Accordian Diamond quilted vinyl bag,

    with a flap and good satin like insides, it has solved those Rainy Day Bag Blues!

  5. Hi Manbag,

    Be careful with anything canvas as it will spot and/or stain. I am usually not a fan of vinyl bags but in bad weather, they hold up quite well. It could be laminated canvas or vinyl, as long as there is a plastic coating over the material, you should be okay!

  6. Any advice as to what to carry in the extreme cold? I’m from the prairies of Canada, and, thinking ahead to the winter, we canr each temperatures of – 50 degrees Celsius (-58 F). It’s hell on patent and even leather changes colour or dries out like crazy…

  7. OMG! I was just thinking the same thing! I have a Croc on order and I keep thinking, how is this going to hold up this winter?? I’m not really trying to be outside in -30 weather, but sometimes on those 1 degree days, walking downtown, I do want a bag that’s going to hold up. Right now I’m using a Coach (shh), but I don’t mind if that thing gets thrown around! I totally don’t want to carry my BV in another bag!