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Chloe Paraty

chloeparaty.jpgI have not seen a Chloe bag as exciting as the Paraty since the Paddington (yes– I still love them, I have two but they are stored away).  I first noticed it in an ad over the summer in Paris– I made a mental note to find out more to report to you but upon arriving home, the tabloids beat me.  The Paraty has been seen on everyone from Katie Holmes to Mary Kate and I usually don’t want bags that the celebs are carrying but this one beckons me and I can’t resist! 

I love the shape and the minimal hardware.  My one complaint of the Paddington was that heavy lock but we don’t have to worry about that with the Paraty!  The rolled leather detail is also amazing– it gives the illusion of a structured bag but this is in fact as soft and slouchy as they come.

The leather versions retail for $1,910 but it’s the luscious python version at $3,820 with brushed gold hardware that I am dreaming of.  I say dreaming because I can’t bring myself to buy another bag right now– even one as fabulous as this.  If you are up for a new python lovely, call Chloe at (212) 717-8220 and get yourself on the waitlist TODAY!  I just spoke to the Chloe rep and they are expecting a new order and are taking names for the list!!!  Chloe Bags also at

Image: Courtesy of Chloe



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  1. T~~I just asked you about this bag the other day,

    (but you didnt respond) =(….. =) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag,(in python) and even though I too am not buying any bags at the mo. I really really want it, perhaps for my bday(Nov.) I will treat myself….Thx for posting this!!!


  2. I did respond to you!!! In fact, you reminded me to do my post about it– it’s been in the draft section for a couple of weeks 🙂

    You NEED this! And send us photos 🙂


  3. T–You DID?? I didnt even see it, I will go and back read what you wrote, I swear I didnt see anything. I will def send you pics when I get it..

    Hi James, I know!!!! I love this bag, WAY HOT! Missin ya, where have you been?


  4. Tina~~Oops, MY BAD!!! YES, you did respond…its that reply system you got going, it doesnt go to the end, it’s goes right below the person you are replying to and sometimes I scroll down to the end after I’ve already read the posts…

    Anyhooooooo—THX for replying as you always do!!

    YOU ROCK!! =)


  5. From the picture, it looks like the front and back of the bag is made of python, but the sides are leather. Is that true?? Doesn’t this seem kind of expensive for a bag that is not entirely made of python???? The style does look great. I saw it at NM and loved it. Does it come in more than one size???


    Thanks for posting on this lovely lovely bag.

    I’ve been DYING to find out more about it since it was sprawled on the Chloe ads around.

    I can’t wait to get my poor hands on the droolicious python version!

    One question though, do you think it can take torture?

    I’m known for manhandling and mistreating the bags I love =(

  7. I have held this lovely bag on my forearm and on my shoulder and it is indeed heavy (with nothing in it) to me. I think the front rounded/rolled frame aspect adds weight but also style. The python is very soft and striking and the gold sets it off. It really needs to be seen in person and held for the weight factor because it’s pretty roomy so therefore weighty. I think it is a modern version of a classic frame style that is a fairly reasonably priced investment.

  8. I’m obsessed with this bag! It’s featured in an ad in the back of the official Paris Fashion Week booklet that they give out when you see shows at the Louvre and everytime I look at it I think about trying it on..I wouldn’t even mind if it’s heavy…I feel like every big handbag I’ve bought in the last few years is super heavy even without much in it

  9. I am in love with this bag too. I had called the Chloe rep at the NYC store and she sent me the credit card authorization form to send back to her to hold my bag. I can’t let go of the $3820 + tax though! Do you all think it’s a great investment piece since it is black python, non tredy shape and gorgeous?! Pls help.

  10. By the way, i called Chloe a few weeks ago. Since you said you just spoke to the store…I’m curious to know if there will be enough bags for purchase, even on the waitlist. When I spoke to her, she told me there may be about 11 bags in the next shipment.

  11. Dorothy, if you can afford the bag, you must go for it. This is the first season that its being shown… by next season the world will be on to it and you won’t be able to find it not to mention it will probably increase in price. If you have a black python on hold, TAKE IT!

    It is a gorgeous bag and timeless in its own way. I saw it yesterday in another color at Neiman Marcus and the size is perfect and it’s NOT heavy at all. I love it. Truly do and if I can get my hands on the python, it will be my Christmas gift to myself. 🙂 Cheers!

  12. I love this bag but it’s expensive so I’d rather buy a Nancy Gonzalez that wouldn’t get trendy or go out of style. Unless money is no object this bag would totally be fun to wear.

  13. omigoshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. i m loving this bag to bits.. very unusual for a chloe.. they got it so so right.. it is just FAB and tres chic….

  14. Siliver…if it’s only $138 it may be a fake.

    There is no doubt you can find these purses online at deep discounts, but you need to keep an eye out for fakes.

    Here is what to look for when you purchase online to avoid getting ripped off.

    – The rivots should match color of lock & key

    – Stitching on authentic bags are thicker nylon stitch

    – Handbags should have extra piece of leather around top strap, and should be pointed outward

    – Ivory bags have edges done in brown, not ivory.

    For other helpful tips, and discounted authentic Chloe Handbags, visit

  15. I was bought this bag for my birthday by my lovely hubby….not python though but the caramel leather. It is fab. I love it. I have the paddington and the small chloe studded clutch but they are packed away for a while whilst I enjoy my new one. It is not too heavy with stuff in. I just love it and would say “just get it!”