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Fendi Rocks Spring 2009


It appears Spring 2009 will be the season of Fendi bags! I am as shocked as you that I love these bags but I do. called it the “kangaroo pouch” and WWD called it the “undone birkin”– but I call it “Tina’s spring bag purchase”. Fendi’s new lovely comes in every color and material imaginable; crisp white crocodile, black patent, textured lace, woven toile, and what appears to be lizard– each with a contrasting interior. I love the carefree and effortless look of the bag; the side pouches may be left undone as shown on the runway or pulled up and attached to the turn lock. To me, the only resemblance to the birkin is the square shape; the top and hardware is completely different and a refreshing change from Fendi’s usual. The peekaboo see thru woven clutches are also incredibly chic and subtly sexy. I can’t wait for the Spring look book to be sent to me. Thanks to reader Man bag for alerting me of the collection!




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  1. T~~I call this “B’s spring bag purchase” lol…

    I love the look of these bags, I too haven’t seen a Fendi I loved for a LONG time!!!

    Thx, Manbag!! & T!!!


  2. heart palpitations…. I saw the photos before reading the title of this post and would NEVER have guessed these were Fendi bags. What happened to their boxy, oppressive, ugly logo-filled monstrosities?

    I’m pleasantly surprised that their bags have become more graceful and streamlined… =) I think I will be adding the first one to my spring collection.

  3. I am joining you ladies in adding this lovely bag to my spring must have list. I don’t have any Fendi bags since the baguette, but these are wonderful. Tina, please share more details once you have them.

    How was your party last night? I just started reading Gilding Lily and cannot put it down. Were you able to part with that jacket?


  4. Most of the recent Fendi handbags have been distasteful to say the least but, these little gems are gorgeous!

    I personally would like all three.

    The first two photos remind me, yes, of a Herm├Ęs Kelly-like/Valextra Linea S handbag, both of which I adore deeply (and barely leave my closet).

    You will surely be seeing me toting these lovelies around.

  5. Hmm…”undone birkin”? “kangaroo pouch”? Looks like “pickpocket’s delight” might be more in line. Tina, if you do buy one of these, make sure to keep the bag closed, OK? But the materials look lovely and the peekaboo clutch is just adorable!

  6. if you’regoing to keep the side puches open and only put stuff in the interior you won’t be able to fit anything in the goddamn bag. and this whole “undone” looks rather slobby to be, most certainly not “laidback chic” or whatever excuse you’re prepared to come up with for this bag. sorry fendi, but to me it’s just another miss (admittedly, a miss closer to the “hit” section but still a miss nonetheless)

  7. I LOVE THE NEW FENDI BAGS. Wow. I can’t believe I typed that. Although I do agree with Sonja, I don’t like the “undone” look. I will keep mine closed. Bossy chic.

  8. I definitely want to get one of these Fendi bags next Spring!

    How come no one has pointed out that they’re a cross between a Kelly and Birkin?!

  9. The look is kinda cool, but how much room is in the zippered part? Leaving the bag hanging open bothers me. Seems very insecure.What is the size of the bag?