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Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara

About a month ago I first got word that Givenchy was launching a new mascara

that would feature a small sphere with tiny bristles as its applicator, thus

eschewing a traditional brush or comb. I sort of forgot about it until I was at

the tents last Friday sipping on my skim cappuccino and reading WWD when I came across an article on Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara, $27. All I could

think is I must try this new wand! And now just a few days later – have it,

love it! The sphere shape allows for a much more precise application and even

lets me get at my tiny lashes and my eyelash roots (near impossible for me to

do with a pointed brush). Obviously it takes a little longer because the shape

of the applicator can’t get all your lashes in one quick swoop, but the easy, targeted application

(especially critical when it comes to touching-up), makes Phenomen’Eyes well

worth it, especially since all the added control comes sans that dreaded

mascara clumping.

Phenomen’Eyes is available exclusively at Sephora.


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  1. I have this mascara too! It’s gives GREAT volume and it doesn’t leave my lashes feeling brittle like little sticks. My only complaint is that it starts to clump WAY too easily when I try to apply more than one layer. Other than that, it is a very innovative product.