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Loewe Amazona – A mythical story


34 year old Brit designer Stuart Vevers (formerly of Bottega Veneta and Givenchy) has given Loewe (a luxury house formed in Madrid in 1846 by German Frederick Loewe) a massive shot of chic since taking over the reigns as Creative Director of the brand in January of 2008. I saw Loewe bags everywhere in Europe this summer, I was immediately drawn to the simple clean lines of the Amazona bag– especially the kicked up version with the L mythical logo (look closely, it is four Ls created in 1970 by then Creative Director Vicente Vela).loewelogo.jpg The bags are ultra luxurious and soft, no surprise considering Vevers’ history with Bottega but the Loewe heritage is formidable in its own right (in Spain, they grace the arms of royalty and are as coveted as Hermes and Chanel!). I went to the Loewe boutique on Ave. Montaigne in Paris and saw all of these bags first hand– it took all of my will power not to scoop the entire lot up and run out!  Patent ostrich skin (£4,125) is a surprising delight and the shocking pink raspberry python (£2065 25cm/£2510 40cm) is beyond fabulous. As for the crocs (£5,025 25cm/£6280 40cm), well, they speak for themselves, don’t they? Jump to see more photos of the amazing Amazona. In the coming weeks, I will be introducing you to many other dreamy bags from Loewe– stay tuned! Call to order- US- 808-973-1590 or in London call Magda 44-207-225-6694. What do you guys think? Ready for another luxury brand to tempt you?loewegraypatentostrich.jpg


As you know, I am not a logo girl but I find the mythical L logo to be appealing.  And this bottled green croc is so rich and deep I want to drown in its fabulousness~ (£5,025 25cm/£6280 40cm)


Purple Kip leather is supple and smooth, I love the color! Prices start at £690 for 25cm £890 for 40cm for leather bags.

Check out the following pages from Loewe’s Fall 2008 catalogue starring the uber sexy Stephanie Seymour.






Photos courtesy of Loewe

21 thoughts on “Loewe Amazona – A mythical story

  1. Hi Tina

    Love the pink, I do like the simple style, but not sure it will be entering my bag wardrobe!!

    By the way I am still awaiting with baited breath the Eva Longoria/GD post?!


    P.S. Has Kelly got her sunglasses yet? To my amazement my opticians is a stockist so I am going in to try them!! Let me know if you get the graphite?!

  2. Loewe are very affordable and so-buttery-soft compared to many luxury brand bags these days… honestly I was @ their stores and to me, between paying $13000HKD for a Nappa Aire and for a LV monogram canvas aka PVC bag, my heart of course rooted for Aire ;)

  3. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    Hi Lottie- yes I got the graphite and love them! xo

  4. Anonymous on said:

    The bags are amazing and the ready to wear so fabulous!!!

  5. oh Tina, that pink raspberry python one is to die for!! I think I need one right now!!

  6. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    Call Harrods darling, they’ve got one with your name on it :)

  7. aww Tina that was cute! it suits me well indeed:D

  8. Tina, are the graphite version like a black and whitie/grey snake skin effect?!

    Thanks for the info I may just order over the phone if what I wrote is correct!

    Lina…let me know if you get the raspberry…does look delicious!


  9. The green croc is absolutely fabulous!


  10. have you seen this Tina?

    How could they do that to that fantastic design?! It’s ruined now, to me anyway.

  11. Stuart Vevers was most recently with Mulberry!

  12. This is going to be a new addition! Love the python and the green croc!

  13. Licking my chops, so delicious..

  14. my new bag on said:

    I have the Aire Nappe in Lipstick Red I picked up in Barcelona

    over a year ago, love the softest leather ever, the style so unique,

    and only complaint isthe open style, it is a bag for going to

    somewhere safe, that is for sure.

    What has been done in the last year, however, is the revision of the

    Amazona bag, which back then, were sort of un-inspired. Had any of these bags you show above been there, I imagine the Aire Nappe

    would have taken second place. Which one did you buy?

  15. Anonymous on said:

    reminds me a little of the celine boogie bag

  16. Graces the arms of royalty? Count me in! I find the pink raspberry python and purple kip leather absolutely delicious. True arm candy.

  17. my wife is crazy about the Crystallized Swarowski version of the mini Amazona by Loewe. I’d love to get it for her, but have no idea where to find it :(. Any leads? email me at ralph(at)open-aerospace(dot)org if you do, thanks!

  18. Hello,

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  20. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Tina,

    I’m looking to buy a Loewe Amazona handbag and am currently located in Boston. Is there any advice you can provide on where I can buy a Loewe bag online?

    Appreciate it! Thanks very much!

  21. Anonymous on said:

    I forgot to include my email address. Here it is.

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