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Nancy Gonzalez Spring 2009 Preview


What could be better than capping off a long day of fashion shows in a gorgeous showroom full of colorful and beautiful exotic handbags!?!?! Thanks to Santiago Gonzalez, we were invited to afternoon tea at the new Nancy Gonzalez showroom over Fashion Week– (very exciting considering we were the first press they received at the new showroom, none of the magazines have been there or seen the new collection!). It is hands down the most gorgeous showroom I have ever visited. Full of custom made furniture (all exotic skin of course) and art from Santiago’s private collection; it also houses the most extensive line of bags I have ever seen.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I felt like I entered handbag heaven! The kaleidoscope of colors welcomed me as I entered and I almost tripped over my own feet in the excitement of grabbing my favorite bags to photograph. In between bites of scrumptious pastries and tea and chatting with Santiago (we so adore him!) we got the scoop on the latest spring line. Take notes of what you like and call Bergdorfs to order asap. We predict the line will be a sell out before the first bloom of spring.  Check out the current Fall line at Bergdorf Goodman!


My absolute favorite bag for Spring 2009 is this fuchsia tote, it’s youthful and fun, and ultra supple! And yes, I ordered it, how could I not? I got the size 30cm in fuchsia crocodile, Kelly got it in the bigger size (around 40cm) in a soft purple (trend alert- plums and purple remain strong for spring!). 


We also ordered clutches in different shapes and sizes, these adorable little clutches are too cute to pass up. Minty green circa 1985 feels very 2009 in a patent ostrich. The box crocodile clutch in degrade pink is girly girl and really shows off the croc scales.


Check out this yummy little bowler bag below. But don’t think

it’s one of those hard to carry and difficult to open bags, look at the

interior, there is elasticized crocodile skin with magnetic closure! I

got this in purple; Kelly talked me into it because it suited me so



Next up is this patent ostrich tote again in pink (get used to all things bright and pink!), such an innovative way to treat ostrich skin. The big tote is one of their most popular styles and I am sure this one will make a major splash with girls who use their bags like SUVs.


I also love this tote with top handle and removable shoulder strap, great for work or play, it’s your everyday grab it and go tote! This is available in crocodile or ostrich with contrasting trim and handles.


Last but not least, this blue crocodile bag below opens in the center with magnetic closure and a zippered compartment on each side, so convenient for traveling or daily use!  Nancy Gonzalez thinks of everything!  Her bags are functional, stylish and all women should have one in their bag wardrobe.

Of course this is not even a fraction of the Spring collection, I will have more in the next few months. Don’t want to overload you in one shot!



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  1. Yummy It looks like walking into a sweet shop!!! I love the Fushia you ordered….do you have a picture of the purple Kelly ordered?!

    Looking forward to more and of course to see the clutches you mentioned they cound divine!!! You girls must have had an expensive week as Oscars collection looked fabulous I love almost all of the dress from the catwalk hav you already picked your summer wardrobe girls?!

    I didn’t notice any stand out bags from ODLR, the only one that looked fun was the beach style bag?! Or have I just missed the pictures of his bags?

    T did you get any info from friends/the fashion folk on the real take of DVB dress line?


  2. I am just speechless as to the beauty of these colors and the chicness of the styles. The tangerine color of that tote! It’s, its orgasmic! Nancy Gonzalez bags are the Laduree Maccarons of the handbag world. I MUST have one!

  3. My bratty 15 year old son just corrected my spelling of “macarons” and said that if we ladies are going to kill crocodiles to wear their skins we should be made to eat their meat too. I told him I would eat mine raw and still wimpering if Nancy would just give me one of those bags! :}

  4. Her spring line is major eye candy! Thank you Tina and Kelly for showing us. I want to see the purple Kelly got too. Tina you did major damage, but in a very good way! 😉

  5. Tina,

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fushia bag you bot!!!

    Do you know how I can order one? Will they ship to Asia? I really really really want the fushia bag! Can you please please please help me figure a way?




  6. Nancypalooza!!! Ooh the bags are TDF!! I’ve actually had Croc before and it tastes like chicken. So it’s fabulous inside and outside the body.

    I’m loving the Small Croc Shoulder Bag (on my list to order) and I love the pink!!!

  7. OMG!!

    high pitched excited scream!

    another high pitched excited scream!!

    they’re so beautiful

    this has been the best thing in my incidentally crappy day

    things don’t look so bad anymore:-)

    Thank you for sharing the pictures with us!

  8. I saw some of the clutches at Neimans last week and wanted to buy one of the spot. now that i see these colors . . . hold me back. jack needs to get me one for my overdue 10 year anniversary. 😉

    although i say i love these colors i will end up with a neutral one, no doubt. like the croc clutch in cement or the convert croc clutch in a brown. i just wish to wear colors; sadly, i never do.

  9. haha, tina, as if you had to be “talked into” buying the bowler bag! ^_^ you ladies are doing so well w the snob sites & the web/tV shows! i love it!! congrats!!

  10. I have never felt urge to comment even though I read bagsnob daily. But theses bags are so AMAZING!!!!!

    Good going girls. We celebrate your success and look forward to hearing more of your adventures!

  11. it’s great that you guys are well-connected but it gets irritating when you talk yourselves up in your posts…. just give us the info and bags, don’t try to impress us by constantly name-dropping about how famous you or your blog are. it’s more convincing when you don’t act so self-important….

  12. Lottie

    I loved the DVB line of dresses. Easy and fitted little numbers to wear to luncheons and dinners. They are a bit like RM dresses but please, do not compare Victoria’s amateur attempts with Roland Mouret’s genius!


  13. RJ, totally get what you’re saying but at the same time, the girls’ access is what allows us exclusive peeks at bags. I’ve been reading the blog for years and though I also feel the girls have toned it down, I think it’s their excitement over their access that you mistake as trying to impress us. And come on, I do feel smug that I get to see this before anyone else, don’t you?

  14. love the fuschia, to die! but the bowler is not very you tina. should not have let kelly talk you into it. you love functionality and this bag doesn’t look very functional. how small is it? i love the big tote in orange croc, looks like it would get a lot of use.

  15. I for one am anxious for more photos of these gorgeous bags! I love Nancy Gonzalez bags. They are my HG. I only hope to be able to afford one someday.

  16. Ditto!

    I am so loving the fushia tote and the one with the contrasting top handel! The box clutch in degrade pink is adorable too! Tina, can you share the prices?

  17. Wow nice collection by Nancy Gonzalez… I really like the color combination… m sure me gonna buy one of them but its hard to select one all very stylish and elegant.. 🙂