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Smythson Vanity Case


Oh how I wish I had this when I was traveling! Especially in New York for fashion week while I was in my sister’s West Village apartment. I realize her place is big for NY but I am used to California living where my bathroom has a counter more spacious than her kitchen counter top. What boggles my mind is that her 1 bedroom apartment is almost the same price as my 3,000 square foot house in LA!! Anyway, my point is, I had no good place to apply makeup and had to tote my make up bag, brush pouch and toiletry bag around her apartment every morning looking for a good spot which usually was the dinner table. I guess I wouldn’t really need this vanity case just for that very specific purpose but just look how decadent and divine it is! I would love to just keep this on my dresser as an accent piece to add some color (my husband prohibits any amount of pink in our sheets so I opted for an all white bed). It comes with all the brushes, sable of course, and has elastic pockets all along the sides for bottles and jars of goodies. But then again, would I spend the money on this rather than a nice bag I could take out on a daily basis? Cuz I would be crazy if I toted this around town …. or would I? Available at Smythson of Bond Street boutiques for $2500.



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  1. If I did make-up (I mean professionally…don’t be afraid, I wear it daily) – I would snatch this up so quickly and write it off as a business expense to boot!

  2. Simply divine! I would consider making the investment for a real quality piece like this. My current vanity case is over 20 years old, inherited from my mother and still looks fab; it definitely has earned itself back!

  3. Kelly, if I were you, I’d snatch this precious little jewel (because that’s what it reminds me of. You know, that purple-ish red colour Alexandrite turns in to when exposed to incandescent?) up and flaunt it with all my might!

    I’m thinking of taking the plunge myself, but I horror at the idea that someone might recognize this vanity case as what it truly is and think me some sort of make-up salesperson!

    At least I’d be flawless, though.