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px_37R6_R200.jpgAn actress once told me she used beaten egg whites on her skin before filming to give her skin a lift. She said she’d slather it on and rinse off about 80% of it, leaving the rest of the egg whites on her face to continue the lift throughout the day. I don’t know how smelly or sanitary that is but now you can achieve the same with Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme Lifting. See your skin visibly transformed with this concentrate, I put it on one side of my face and it definitely looks tighter. This is more of a cosmetic quick fix though it promises long term effects with continued use. SLP-X Lifting Concentrate also features a unique Silicone tip applicator to provide gentle and controlled dispensing directly to your skin. And its convenient portable package is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups whenever and wherever you need it. I will need it after a long day of chasing after my son (literally– his favorite game is “chase me mommy”), by the end of the day I feel about 80 years old and my face feels like it’s sagging to my chest! $38 at

*After eight weeks of product use

Key Benefits:

Immediately reduces the look of lines and wrinkles by 49 percent

Skin looks more lifted by 58 percent after eight weeks

Improves skin’s texture by 43 percent after eight weeks

Fills in lines (even deeper forehead lines) immediately

One application diffuses the look of lines and wrinkles for up to eight hours

Dermatologist tested

Ophthalmologist tested



Xtreme-Lift Complex™:

o Micro-nutrient Water contains the 77 essential micro-nutrients required for healthy looking skin and enhances the skin’s natural renewing activities.

o Hexapeptide, White Birch Extract, Silymarin and Siegesbackia work with skin’s natural repair process to visibly lift and firm by helping skin boost its natural production of collagen and elastin.

Micropatch technology, comprised of Marine Collagen and Alginate, contains a flexible film former which moves with the skin while forming a semi-occlusive bond on the skin to help drive ingredients into the skin’s surface. Combined with new state-of-the-art optic materials, it provides immediate line filling and diffusion of imperfections that wears for hours.

Skin Strengthening Complex contains a blend of antioxidants and skin soothing ingredients, including Grape Seed Extract, Rosemary Extract and Pomegranate, to help protect and calm skin’s appearance.


· Apply to desired area alone or over Super Line Preventor Xtreme. Once absorbed, apply moisturizer and/or eye cream. Can be used over foundation.



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  1. I’ve been using this! I have a few lines from frowning and laughing too much:) and you’re totally right about this being the perfect quick-fix…I feel like it tightens my face right after I apply it, but the effect hasn’t lasted long for me….

  2. I was also using egg white as a firming mask when I was yound & broke. Benefit Cosmetics has a similar product called Firmology thay may have the same effect.

  3. Tina you make me laugh…red wine for hair was it now egg for your face, I take it you love food?!!! Your little boy sounds so fun… you not have a bag big enough for you to carry him round in, could be a new trend forget pups in bags toddlers in bags…I’m sure all the A-list will catch on!? 😉


  4. I can see it now…..Tina from Bag snob sitting in her Riky Bag!! = ) 4 is a fun age they are up to everything and some of the things they say are just adorable!!

    Hope Kelly and yourself have a fab time in New York…..make sure you take a picture and post it of you both in your new sunnies….I waiting for mine still!!

    Safe travels.