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Snob TV Webisode 1 – Diane von Furstenberg

Her friends and family call her Dee-ahn, her fans call her Diane, we just call her fabulous! Watch our interview with the legendary Diane von Furstenberg! She couldn’t have been more accommodating and friendly, first she let us pile on her jewelry and then she let us tour her private apartment above the studio. Shop Diane von Furstenberg now! Win a DVF wrap bag!

Get Kelly’s Look

Dress $298- DVF

Shoes – Christian Louboutin Marilou braided sandals

Get Diane’s Look

Coat – DVF

Dress – DVF

Click here to watch on YouTube(iPhone)



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  1. Hey Tina & Kelly

    After writing on your blog for sometime you have actually come to life…its so wierd to finally sort of meet you!! Can’t wait for nect Mondays webisode!!!

    BTW Tina you gold braclet is gorgoeus are you and Diane wearing the same one…if you don’t mind me asking who is it by?

    Keep up the good work ladies, you both looked fabulous!


  2. Good Job Girls!!! You’re work paid off! I enjoyed watching your first episode…you guys are so cute and beautiful! it’s wonderful, I already loved your blog so much, but wonderful to see you girls in action!

  3. Wait, cause that was amazing! My favorite part was at 4:15 when Tina goes “That’s so hands on. I love it!” You guys do so well on camera. And of course, DVF is a goddess. I’m so excited. I’m so embedding this on my blog! 🙂

  4. THIS IS SOOOOO COOOOL! I really enjoyed the interview, it was informative and laid back. DVF is such an awesome woman for all of us to look up to!

    Way to Go!!!!

  5. Oh, my Goodness!!


    I think I’ve died and gone to some sort of handbaggery heaven!

    Thank you, Tina and Kelly, for posting this video! Wonderful work, as per always!


  6. I’m so fired… Not only do I have the blog, but now I can watch webisodes!!! You two did a great job. Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! We were a bit stiff at first having never been on camera together before :0

    And yes, DVF is so fab, she is a total sweetheart. My friend Terry brought her twin babies and she forgot about us the minute she saw the babies! You can tell she’s a grandmother– she couldn’t stop squeezing those little cuties!

    We’ll be heading out to NYC for Fashion week this weekend and the first show I am attending is DVF of course!


  8. T&K~~You guys are GREAT!!! loved the show, LOVE LOVE LOVE DVF

    I’ve been a BIG fan of her’s for year’s, she is just FABULOUS!!

    They just opened a boutique here!! YAY!


  9. I loved the video ladies. You packed a lot of information in 5 minutes! I can’t wait to see who else you will talk to and to watch you guys grow on camera! (If that was your first try then I can’t wait to see how fabulous these things will be once you’ve worked out all the bugs and butterflies) 🙂

  10. YOU HAVE MADE MY WEEK! This was amazing, the best interview I’ve seen with DVF. Good job girls! I agree with Mariena, if this was the first try I can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes! Go snobs!

  11. wow, that was better than Xmas presents! Tina, I love your look, that dress is fab! Cannot wait for the next episode!! Keep up the good work!! Lx

  12. I loved your interview…and such a coincidence that Diane appeared in Project Runway this week! What a shot! Keep your good work.

  13. Wow! That was fantastic and so fun. I can’t wait to see the evolution of the show and more of your personalities. T, this is just like MTV Asia, only better!! DVF was so real, love that she was so open with you girls. Looking forward to the upcoming webisodes. Good job, ladies. xo

  14. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sooooo ironic. I have been trying to explain DVF’s GOLD BRACLET to 2 different jewelers this week and here you are wearing the same!!!!! Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!! Love you BOTH!!!!