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Snob TV Webisode 2 – Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta, no need for further introduction– the master of elegance graced us with an interview and a day we will never forget! We started backstage at 9am to watch the models get made up and dressed up, had a quick bite and hovered around Oscar along with his many design assistants who flitted about with last minute touches for the master’s approval. We ended on the runway with Oscar himself for a few words before following him back to his workroom/studio. It was a magical day– I was so in awe I couldn’t stop grinning like a fool!! We’d like to thank CEO Alex Bolen and Retail Director Steven Mathieu for the access to all things Oscar. Now, sit back and enjoy the webisode. I know you will crave a few things when it ends so to make it easier–Order the Goya bag here.  We will be attending Oscar’s Spring 2009 show on Wednesday and of course will give you the full report!

Get Tina’s Look

Caribbean Bolero by Oscar de la Renta

Tank top by Wolford

White ostrich belt by Oscar de la Renta

(call Mindy to order- 214-346-0400)
Necklace by Lou Lou de la Falaise for Oscar de la Renta

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  1. OMG

    How lucky are you to hang out with Oscar de la Renta, I would have fainted! You look fabulous as always. Great job ladies, I can’t wait for the next webisode!!

  2. You girls look beautiful and the dresses were stunning. I love Oscar de La Renta, he is so charismatic and stately in this interview. His respect for women really shines.

  3. I agree, it is so nice to hear a man, a fashion designer, speak of women in such a loving and generous way. He is a regal man worthy of our admiration!

  4. I can only imagine how intimidating it is to be on camera with legends like oscar and diane, you seem more relaxed on this episode. Good job girls!

  5. what can I say? It was great as always, loving Kelly’s jacket! I will come across as a spoiled brat but who cares- I WANT MORE!! ‘screams and shouts’ 😛

  6. Tina & Kelly congratulations. You are going a great job! Can’t wait for the next webisode! You are making Mondays exciting 😉

  7. Wonderful job, ladies! I especially love the intro/theme music. You look great. Keep up the good work. It was funny during the clip how Oscar said women can keep their subway tokens in the little parrot pochette he picked up. LOL. It’s obvious he hasn’t taken public transportation in a long long time– we’ve moved on to metrocards!

  8. Hi Lulu, Oscar is an old timer for sure and back in his day they used tokens 🙂

    Buying an Oscar dress is a nice goal to have!!!

  9. The Blue Goya didn’t look as vivid in colour as I expected, it still looks fairly pale or is that just on film?! His runway collection was very vivid in colour along with the brushed patent croal Goya?!

    You girls seemed more confident this time round and you gelled better I thought….Monday can’t come fast enough!!

    Also girls as you are in the thick of NY fashion week would you please let me know if all the british press hype about Victoria Beckhams fashion range is justified?! What are the buyers and people saying…some of her items do look very much like a take on RM…there are some pieces I do quite like the look of though?!


  10. Hi Lottie,

    We have been so jam packed with fashion shows and showroom visits that we have not paid attention to V. Beckham, will look into it today.