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Snob TV Webisode 3 – Nina Garcia

Congrats to Ruth L, Emily and Maple– winners of “The One Hundred” books!
UPDATE- Click here to read our readers’ questions for Nina and her answers!


We absolutely loved filming with Nina! She was so sweet and nice– though we’d hoped she’d bitch slap us a bit :) We ran into Nina at the DVF show last Sunday and ran up to her squealing to thank her for putting us in her new book “The One Hundred”. We were like two little kids, hugging her and gushing our adoration. Thankfully she tolerated us! Later in the week, I attended Nina’s book launch party hosted by Marie Claire at Milk Studios and got a peek at her hubby– quite the dashing and handsome man! If you have not picked up a copy of Nina’s new book- you must do so immediately. I’ve been checking the list off and of course making new lists of must haves. Buy “The One Hundred” Here!

Nina is wearing Balenciaga, I am in RM by Roland Mouret (I have this dress in different colors, it’s become my uniform!) and Kelly is in DVF. and Nina Garcia would like to thank Bergdorf Goodman for opening the store at 7am in order for us to film.

Click here to watch on YouTube (iPhone)

Nina Garcia Q & A-
1. Do you really have a motorcycle jacket? What kind?

Of course! I have a few. I have an old Balenciaga that I invested in years ago and the Kate Moss version from TopShop. I have one that is falling apart, but I refuse to throw it out because I love it so much.

2. Did you get the Latina gene for loving bright colors? If so, how can you do this with control and style?

I do love the drama of bright colors. It immediately let’s everyone know that you are in the house. The trick to wearing bright colors is not to go overboard. It’s always a safe bet to pair bright colors with muted tones. If you are not ready for a full on hot pink dress, go for the accessories first and slowly work your way on up.

3. If you had to pick only 10 from your list, which 10 would you not be able to live without?

In The Little Black Book of Style, I laid down ten “bones” of a wardrobe, and I stick by them:

1) The Little Black Dress (Of course.)

2) A Classic Men’s White Shirt (The closer to a man’s cut, the better)

3) A Cashmere Cardigan or Turtleneck (Definitely have a black one, to throw over anything and everything.)

4) A Trench Coat (The traditional Burberry is an uncontested standby.)

5) Denim (There is no substitute for a favorite pair of jeans that fit just right. Don’t worry about labels.)
6) A Man’s Classic Watch (An oversized watch on a women’s wrist is lovely in it’s contrast.)

7) Diamonds (Studs are a easy way to up the ante in seconds. Real or fake is fine.)

8) Ballet Flats (A plain black ballet flat proves that you can do casual and comfortable with style).

9) A Classic High Heel Pump (A faithful black heel is a must. Spend your money here and look to the masters–Louboutin, Manolo, Jimmy Choo–for good materials and a classic design. )

10) A Great Bag (Invest in a classic bag that you can use season after season (i.e. The Chanel 2.55), and avoid the bag du jour.

4. What tips do you have more new mothers who are in the “in between” weight. Should she shop at Target until her weight is ideal? Or splurge on designer pieces in larger sizes?

Both. Shop at Target for the staples, but splurge on those pieces that are going to make you feel good about yourself. No matter what, it’s important to feel good about yourself. In fact, this advice goes for all women.

5. Speaking of Target, how do you feel about high end designers like Proenza Schouler hawking their goods to the masses?

It’s genius. I love that high end labels are becoming available to all. If fashion does not make it to “the masses,” it’s not really fashion, is it?

6. Tell us your anti aging and stay slim secrets please!

Indulge in sunscreen and face cream. Never deny yourself ice cream.

We are giving away 3 copies of “The One Hundred”– all you have to do to win is tell us your your favorite piece of accessory! Leave your answer in comments, we will pick a winner via random computer drawing at the end of Friday, Sept 19th at midnight. US residents only please!

71 thoughts on “Snob TV Webisode 3 – Nina Garcia

  1. OMG Tina, I can’t get this video to play for more then 2 sec at a time, it keeps pausing (how annoying!!) is the problem from my end?



  2. Worked for me! And thank-you! I am the biggest Nina fan and have made it to #42 in the book…my wish list keeps growing and growing!

  3. I got it to work on my iphone (YouTube)

  4. I do love your uniform Tina…very chic, aren’t his dresses just divine….have you bought any of his new season?!

    I must buy the one Hundred…I always find it hard accessorizing, I worry that I have too much or too little and sometimes I buy to try something different and it doesn’t feel me?! I always opt for dainty even thought I love the look of some chunky cuffs/rings etc but how do I get myself feeling comfortable in that look and not like i’m trying to be someone else?!

    Nina seems very easy going and casual for someone in her position….also very approachable compared to others?!

    I’m so jealous Bergdorf at 7am…oh to shop in an empty store!!


  5. Another great interview and you both look fabulous!

    So what’s the behind the scenes scoop on Nina Garcia leaving Elle for Marie Claire?


  6. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    I just want to tell you how gracious Nina Garcia is. She is so kind and sincerely nice. I mean she has no reason to be nice to us or even give us the time of day but she not only took time out to interview, she put us in her book!

    Now this is how all Fashion editors should behave. With grace and charm.

    You are all right in your adoration of her, she is awesome!

  7. OK, I’m back to post a comment, I Love Nina Garcia. Her books are fab!!! another great interview girls…

  8. This needs to be at least a half hour show. I would watch every time it aired. Great Job!

  9. Hello TINA,

    i am definitely your FAN

    soooo gorgeous!

  10. Loved this! Great job girls! 30 minutes of snob fun is definitely in order!

  11. Nice one! Those were some gorgeous necklaces. Love kelly’s DvF wrapdress. Tina yours is so pretty but for those of us who aren’t petite and have broad shoulders that would be a disaster! Nina is so chic. Bring us some more girls!

  12. my favorite accessory are earrings … and a great handbag of course!

  13. My favorite accessory by far are my cream-colored pearls. I LOVE them and simply cannot live without them. They’re simple yet give a sense of classic elegance to formal dresses and of course the little black dress, and they add an instant and effortless touch of chic to even informal clothing.

    I loved this interview with Nina – she sounds so intuitive and charming. I wish I had such an instinctual knowledge of fashion. :)

  14. My earrings, especially the vintage diamonds. shaped like stars from my mother

  15. I can’t get videos at work, but am so anxious to get home and watch. I love Nina – and of course the you ladies.

    My favorite accessory would have to be diamond earings or a fabulous oversized clutch!!

  16. My favorite accessory has to be Hermes scarves :)

  17. Simple sterling bangles that are asymmetrically shaped.

  18. Yes, please, Tina & Kelly, expand your interviews to 30 minutes! I am in agreement with the rest of your fans who want longer segments. Not demanding, are we!!!!

  19. I love Nina Garcia and my fave accessory is a diamond watch! It is all you need.

    Please pick me and please tell Nina we love her!

  20. My fave accessory is my engagement ring/wedding band. Never leave home without it.

  21. One of my fave accessories is my Majorica 60 inch pearl rope…always looks amazing.

  22. Gosh I have a few, but my fav? prob my watches, some are simple and chic, some encrusted with my best friend. (diamonds) =)


  23. beth Chanin on said:

    What fun to be at Bergdorf’s so early and empty! My favorite accessory this season is my 35centimeter Birkin in a luscious purple color, lined in pink, (a gift from my husband) and a mixture of fun bangles.

  24. Besides handbags, my favorite accessory is a shimmering pair of earrings… my ears feel naked without them!

  25. My favorite accessory of all time is my Movado watch, which my husband gave me long ago (back before we were married, when we were young and had not much cash to spare) for my 20th birthday.

  26. Try just pausing the video for a few minutes to let it download a lot of the video…then start watching it.

  27. Besides my Chanel handbags, I cannot leave the house without my Chanel strand of CC pearls. Chanel for always!

  28. Wow Beth What a lucky Lady do share pics your bag sounds delicious!


  29. Thx Rich, I will try that next week..

    B.. =)

  30. My Favorite Accessory? Why handbags of course! I change them to suit my needs or my whims!!! I love the segments i just wich i could watch them at work!!!

  31. My indulgence of the year thus far is a pair of rose cut diamond hoops from Ippolita. Feel like a divine goddess when wearing them.

  32. OMG. Tina. This is SPECTACULAR!!!! You guys are tip-top.

    xoxox, f.

  33. Love the tips from Nina!

    Favorite accessory du jour = fun glass bead necklaces from J.Crew with the animal charms, they are like candy.

  34. Love the tips from Nina!

    Favorite accessory du jour = fun glass bead necklaces from J.Crew with the animal charms, they are like candy.

  35. Love the tips from Nina!

    Favorite accessory du jour = fun glass bead necklaces from J.Crew with the animal charms, they are like candy.

  36. My favorite accessory in winter is my trusty scarf, in summer it is my white purse

  37. I can’t leave the house without earrings.

    I would love one of those SD bracelts in the video too.

  38. My favorite accessory is a big ring on my non-wedding band hand!

  39. My favorite accessory is two bangle bracelets my husband gave me many years ago.

  40. My favorite accessory is two bangle bracelets my husband gave me many years ago.

  41. My favorite accessory is a chunky metal bracelet to go with my regular, everyday t-shirt and jeans look.

  42. my favorite accessory is my Hermes bangle

  43. My favorite accessory is my charm bracelet.

  44. My favorite accessory is my engagement ring, but a close second is a chunky bracelet/cuff.

    Love the SnobTV episodes… keep them coming!

  45. My stainless steel and gold Cartier Santos watch. I’ve had it for 21 years, and I love it as much today as the day my parents bought it for me.

    It can be dressed up or down and is not super “chunky” or super streamlined–a nice balance. It actually ties together my platinum wedding rings with any gold jewelry I might want to wear-or goes with all silver-colored or all gold-colored jewelry.

    I’m so thankful I choose something this classic when I was young.

  46. My stainless steel and gold Cartier Santos watch. I’ve had it for 21 years, and I love it as much today as the day my parents bought it for me. It can be dressed up or down and is not super “chunky” or super streamlined–a nice balance. It actually ties together my platinum wedding rings with any gold jewelry I might want to wear. I’m so thankful I choose something this classic when I was young.

  47. My favorite accessory is my great grandfather’s wedding band that has been passed down through the generations. It’s a size 11, so it’s huge. I wear it on a chain.

  48. my favorite accessory would be my glasses because i always get sooo many compliments from them and of course would never get tired of it

  49. My favorite accessory (currently) is my black Balenciaga motorcycle bag. I had been lusting after it for soooo long that eventually my mom let me buy it! (now I want one in yellow with the graphics!) I have this obsession with bags in particular; i never leave the house without one! After all, they carry all the essentials a girl needs to make it thru her day; and they can make an outfit look fabulous no matter what! =)

  50. My favorite accessory is a necklace a friend bought me on our trip to New Zealand- major sentimental value.

  51. My favorite accessory is mikimoto necklace.

  52. Cool Twenty8Twelve scarf w/ skinny jeans and white T…

  53. My favorite accessory is my wedding band. Wear it every day.

  54. my favorite piece of accessory is a scarf.

  55. handbags! handbags! handbags!! They are my favorite!!

  56. Can’t wait to read Nina’s book.

    My favorite accessory would have to be my high school ring. I went to an all-girls school where your whole freshman year you are told you can only earn your ring through doing nice things for the upper-classmen. Needless to say every day I look at it and have to smile about everything I did my freshman year and everything I made freshmen do the following years.

  57. My favorite accessory has to be a diamond heart necklace my boyfriend gave me for Christmas one year… it’s perfect and goes with everything :)

  58. my favorite accessory is my grandmother’s horseshoe necklace.

  59. My favourite accessory is my Marc Jacobs’ Daisy perfume ring. It’s really chic and goes with almost every outfit I have ever worn. I bought it in New York City when I went and have seriously never gone a day without it. For a ring under 50$, it’s amazing and the perfume is wonderful to smell!

    This book seems amazing! <3

  60. Good job ladies! My favorite accessory is a big black stone dome ring. It has 4 layers with different style and size black stones. It makes quite a statement. As much as I love it I can’t remember where I bought it or even how much I paid for it.

  61. My favorite accessory is a silver bangle with a charm on that my daughter gave me for my first Mother’s Day as a grandma. It is not fancy, but it is as precious as any of my diamonds and I NEVER take it off.

  62. My classic Tod’s bag in black and my vintage Etro scarf in purple paisley.

  63. This book is a must for all women.

    My favorite accessory is one I don’t wear/tote that often, but it always generates a comment/conversation, even in the street, is my Escada Margaretha bag.

  64. My favorite accessory is my vintage Chanel purse that my Mother gave to me

  65. You girls are so fun! Love seeing you in action :)

  66. My Chanel white ceramic J12 watch

  67. My favorite accessory is a pair of perfect 14mm South Sea pearl earrings. I bought them in Paris when I was young. They were so heavy that I had to adjust my walk. Now I wear them for everyday and love them still.

  68. Now I wear them for everyday and love them still.

  69. everyday and love them still.

  70. That’s a test.

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