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Snob TV Webisode 5 – Santiago Gonzalez for Nancy Gonzalez

What could be more fun that playing with exotic handbags all morning? We hung out with Santiago Gonzalez, son of Nancy Gonzalez and Creative Director of the company, at Bergdorf Goodman and got the lowdown on the history of NG and how she has grown her company from 16 bags to the empire it is today! Enjoy!

Get Kelly’s Look

Rebecca Taylor dress

Louboutin City Girl platforms

Get Tina’s Look

Tod’s Trench coat
Prada t-shirt

J Brand Skinny Jeans
Louboutin Yo Yo Slingback in black

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  1. Love there bags…I always ooh and arrh when I’m in New York!! Can’t wait for my trip in a few weeks. What was the name and colour of the bag Samantha from SATC carried in the film out of Gucci?!

    I always saw these bags as for older ladies but seeing the colours and shapes i would definately rock one of these bags!!


  2. High end lux from Colombia!…Creative and affordable. Nancy we appreciate the fact that you are not greedy and let some of us…not very rich…enjoy the good things in life…

    Love your handbags! Viva Coombia.

  3. Not only do I LOOK FORWARD to seeing what is featured each Monday but I also can’t wait to see what both of you are wearing!!! Keep up the GOOOOOD work.

  4. Thank you! It was so chilly outside and I was going to take my trench off indoors but it was even colder inside with the air conditioning! I couldn’t even talk, so I kept it on 🙂 I love a colorful trench, it’s so fun!

    I will try to get some shoe shots but it’s hard when we’re interviewing people 🙂


  5. I was so happy to see so many beautiful colors. I am definitely all about the soft pinks and purples.

    And the fact that he talked about providing day care services for the women to work… that boosted their company high on my list.

  6. Biggest hypocrite in the world, NG is being sued by her old workers in Colombia for mistreating them. Her “day care” is all about publicity. She does not care about her workers. Santiago is not any better, he is worse in my book; they all put a happy front but they’re known in the fashion world for mistreating their workers. Both in NY & in Colombia.

    Personally, I will never buy NG again and go with Carlos Falchi.

  7. i agree with the last comment NG, maltrata a sus trabajadores con jornadas de domingo a domingo acaba de perder una demanda por despedir a alguien sin justa causa