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T3 Flat Iron Doubles as Iron


You learn a lot about versatilty and muli-purposing when traveling.  I am on a grueling 3 week, 3 city trip with 2 kids so I HAD to pack light.  One thing I certainly did NOT bring was an iron.  What is a girl to do with a crinkly wrinkly summer poplin shirt?  I didn’t pack so light that I did not bring my flat iron with me so in a bind I decided to try it out on my shirt.  Amazing!  I thought it was going to be a major hassle but it turns out to be so much easier than ironing with a regular iron (well, maybe because I don’t actually know how to iron).  The small surface actually was easier to negotiate collars and button placket.  I couldn’t actually do the entire shirt, only the edges but it got me through the day and being that I am on vacation and at the beach, it was definitely good enough.  Who would have thought!  Now I love my flat iron even more!  If you don’t already have a flat iron, the T3 is the bestT3 Duality Iron  for $160 at Sephora.


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  1. How funny, i will have to remember that tip. haha Hope you get some rest Kelly but if you are in nyc at fashion week with Tina you’ll probably be too busy having fun to rest =)

  2. Yeah, I’ve tried that before. It really works! Flat irons are so versatile and I’ve just got my mom addicted to one. I’ve also used my flat iron to melt plastic bags together (between sheets of wax paper and set to a lower temperature) for a “recycled” project.

  3. Another really good thing you can do on vaca is to spritz your clothes with water and then BLOW DRY it, preferably with a diffuser. It works like a charm in a rush!!!