Tot’s Rug by Arzu Firuz


Ever since I got Serena & Lily’s Nursery Style book, I have been obsessing over my girls’ new room. I am planning my renovation and realizing the value of designing a room that will last beyond their baby years (my first daughter’s nursery became “outdated” by age 2). That is why I love Serena & Lily’s book so much, they are entirely child loving but something they will grow into for many many years. Instead of ABC farm animal rugs, they suggested options that are classic, adorable and withstands the test of time. That is why I am loving this circular rug with tasteful cutout of animals – perfect for under the little table and chair set, or in the middle of the room. It is 38.5″ in diameter so it is small. At Vivre for $135.

4 thoughts on “Tot’s Rug by Arzu Firuz

  1. Great prize classy web site

  2. made for my little 6 month. How do I know? She told me so.

  3. Heidi say’s beautiful for all children

  4. my little grandaughter, like all little tots, will love it. How not?

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