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White House Looks from MAC




power women are in the spotlight and have to look and feel their best

not only in person, but also on television.  In a world of High

Definition television that shows every facial imperfection, makeup has

to be flawless and refined, which can be incredibly challenging”

-Gordon Espinet, Vice President of Makeup Artistry, M·A·C Cosmetics


“Red Lipstick is a great option as it commands attention

and communicates a desire to be taken seriously. Blotting Powder is

a must especially under hot lights as it keeps oil at bay and prevents

shine. Mascara opens and defines the eyes, and M·A·C’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is an essential as it gives a smooth, even finish

without a cakey look.”


talented Senior Artists created various beauty looks they feel will

appeal to the women who are immersed in this hot political season and

that can easily take them from a debate to an evening gala – no matter

what skin tone or hair color you have – M·A·C has colors that

will help make you look like the belle of the ball. 


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  1. No.

    And I think the two faces in the middle look a little tarty for someone who wants to be taken seriously…

    I’d like to see the men debating put this much effort into their presentation. :/ They get taken seriously just by having a penis. Women in politics need to be competent, smart and attractive… Unless you’re Palin… Then the first two are optional.

  2. @ Anastasia…nope you aren’t the only one!

    I like the options that Mac has put up. They reminded me that I could go and get me some makeup that actually works for me. It’s so hard to get make up that goes with my skin tone, so seeing that they go dark really makes me happy