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Alternate Use for Conditioner – Shaving Cream!


This is a picture I took in my shower, these are reminent bottles of unused and half used conditioner.  The problem is, my husband doesn’t use conditioner and he washes his hair everyday whereas I wash it every other day so the shampoo to conditioner usage ratio is totally thrown off.  So when I read somewhere that conditioner makes for a good shaving cream, I was all over it!  I immediately went to shave my legs using conditioner that I know I will never use on my hair, and guess what?  It works remarkably well.  Conditioner is full of oils so it is the perfect lubricant but if you think about it, it makes total sense because it softens the hair so when you shave, it is less coarse and easier on the razor.  It also leaves your legs super soft and polished.  I mean, yes, you do need to rinse well so it is a bit more work but if you are shaving in the shower, it is not a problem at all.  I still have quite a few years before this additional use will deplete my overloaded supply but at least I won’t have to buy special shaving cream anymore!


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  1. Hi all,

    Sorry this is totally off topic, but has anyone tried Chanel toner? I’m currently using Estee and want to try something new next. Thanks!

  2. I don’t really understand the problem with conditioner/shampoo ratio. How come you don’t just buy more shampoo?

  3. I tried this after hearing about it on The Shopping Bags, but it didn’t work very well… the conditioner just slid down my leg and the shave wasn’t any better or smoother. Oh well.

  4. I read that it is good to let the conditioner sit before shaving. It is also better to soak for about 3 minutes. Granted this is an old thread but still. Just thought I would spread some tips I have seen. XD