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How To Shop Wisely Until Dust Settles

alaiaboots.jpgI guess Friday is “sensible day” at Bag Snob. I am doing what I can to help shopaholics like myself continue to have fun shopping even if things get a little tight. Well, sale shopping for one is the best way to get more for less. I went to the Fred Segal annual sale and the economy has hit the retailers hard but has been kind to shoppers because everything went from 50% off to 66% off this week. I got a pair of Alaia shoes that I would discovery.jpghave NEVER considered even though it is kick ass amazing (see picture left) but it was $1495. Well now that it is $508, how could I say no? You should see them on, oh-so-orgasmic!! So a reader sent me an article about another way to ease the pain – credit cards that give cash back, not airline miles and useless “points” but actual cash money. According to the Newsweek blog, Discover® is the “most generous of the programs. It offers cash rebates as high as 20 percent.” You must shop through the Discover Shop site but the retailers include those that you go to anyway like Bloomingdale, Godiva, Apple Store, Zappos, Overstock, Sephora,, Lancome and Red Envelope, so it is in fact very useful! The cash rebate ranges from 5-20% but if you’re going to buy something anyway, I would be happy to take a discount. Sign up for the Discover® Card to get started.


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  1. Do check your credit card plans. No one at Chase Freedom told me if I shopped through their rewards web site, I could have been earning 10 points for every $ I spent at Zappos. I came across this tidbit by accident. Needless to say, I have earned two free airline tix since doing so, as the point rack up quite fast.

  2. If I were your best friend I’d drag you back to the store and make you take them back! How many times do you think you could possibly wear these and where??? They were deep discounted for a reason. TAKE THEM BACK!

  3. I in fact was with 2 really good friends and they were very encouraging. I thought about the limited wearability, but think about when I do wear them how awesome it will be! It really needs to be on to give it justice, they are smoking hot!

    Love, Kelly

  4. Hi Kelly,

    LOVE them, did you get them at Fred Segal Melrose or Santa Monica? I’ve been wondering when they’d discount deeper than 50%! Also, did you happen to notice if they had any Louboutins left, I know Melrose had some when the sale started.


  5. Hi Marissa,

    I was at the Santa Monica Fred Segal and yes, they had Louboutins! The shoe selection is surprisingly intact, I got a pair of Jimmy Choo for $250! Of course, I am a size 9.5/10 which is only good during sales. Go now!

    Love, Kelly

  6. Love them! I think you’ll wear these enough times to warrant the purchase (as if you need to do that). They’re not too wintery or summery, so you can wear them all year long, it’s not just a seasonal item. I bet you’ll wear them New Year’s and everyone will DIE to know all about them!

  7. Hi Kim!

    As Kelly’s best friend, I am excited she is stepping out of her jeans/t shirt/flip flop comfort zone!

    These Alais are avant garde and just the shot of fabulous she needs with all of her black dresses 🙂