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Laura Mercier Illuminating Moisturizer

I’m about to give you the best tip you will ever receive in achieving youthful and glistening skin. The kind of skin that even a four year old notices– my son pronounced me young today; he said I was not old and yucky because my skin is so pretty (oh yes, he got a very big cookie after dinner!). Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Moisturizer is best mixed with her tinted moisturizer or your own foundation of choice. I apply it with a foundation brush and lightly pat it in and it gives my skin the most unbelievable glow! This is not to say that you should throw out your skin creams, this is just the icing on the cake. A quick fix, if you will. If your skin is sallow from lack of sleep or stress, pat this all over and you’ll gain 10 years. Instantly. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 – Illuminating Natural Radiance $42 in three shades at



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  1. I love the pick-me up I get from illuminating moisturizers! It just gives my skin that little something extra that make people comment on how flawless my skin is (this is of course combined with a skin regimine to keep my skin healthy underneath).I prefer the Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator and it’s nearly half the cost of the Laura Mercier pick above. It comes in 4 shades and works as well as the Laura Mercier Illuminating Moisturizer but again, at nearly half the cost. While I do lover Laura Mercier, I love a bargain even more – and a bonus when the bargain is as effective as the not-so bargain!

  2. I have combination skin and hate when my t-zone is “oily” but the Laura Mercier Illuminating Moisturizer (with spf 20, btw) is great. I love it! I also highly recommend her eye serum and the light oil cleanser. Brilliant. And I agree, her packaging is beautiful. Oh yeah, I am addicted to her duo concealer. I don’t know about Sephora but I know she is at Bloomingdale’s. The best cosmetics salesperson/Laura expert I’ve found who knows her stuff but isn’t pushy is Molly Greenwald @ the Laura Mercier counter at the Bloomingdale’s in Sherman Oaks, CA (818) 325-2200.

  3. Very good post and info. Any product containing oil could make acne issues more frustrating, therefore typically look for something that is oil free, just like tinted moisturizer. And a guideline my wife usually provide, is to always use products from the same manufacturer as they usually complement each other and give much better over all outcome.