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Marni Acrylic Chain Shoulder Bag

There is a shortage of shoulder bags, the prototypical “handbag” that women used to use. The top handle and totes are on trend now because they look good, it is the best way to showcase a bag, just simply in your hand for all to see without distractions. And it makes sense, bags have become the centerpiece and we are spending a lot more on bags so you better let it be seen and not tucked away under your arm! Well, like with all trends there is a backlash trend and shoulder bags will be back in full force. Especially now that people will be spending less on bags, it will go back to being more utilitarian and practical. Even if you are not hurt by the economic crisis, you will be buying less frivolous and hard to use bags. We feel better about our decisions if we are sensitive to our environment, that’s just human nature. Not that Marni is a good example of frugality because their bags are pricey for what they are – seasonal trend pieces. Even YSL is priced way lower and I think we can all agree that YSL has as much cache if not more than Marni. But my point really is that this shoulder bag style is going to be really the thing going forward. I love the acrylic chain, it is obviously lighter than metal but it has that retro modern look that I love about Marni. It is simple, classic and still makes a statement without being ostentatious. At Net a Porter for $1685.



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  1. Is the bag itself leather or acrylic or is it only the chain? If the bag is not leather,I can´t see anything environmental in it. And the price is way too high. The bag has an anemic color,which doesn´t appeal to me at all.

  2. Why would a woman want this bag when she can take that money and put it towards half a Chanel? Isnt’ one Chanel better then two Marni’s? Ladies?

  3. Kelly I do like the bag very much, but I agree, it’s gorgeous, but staying power isn’t necessarily there. It’s cute and fun, but I couldn’t take her home with me.

  4. Hi Kelly. Didn’t bagsnob already feature this Marni bag in September? Also, will the acrylic chain strap stay on the shoulder? How do you like your new Marni purple balloon bag? I love the handles on that one.