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MICHAEL Michael Kors Haircalf Clutch

Michael Kors Haircalf Clutch

When I started Bag Snob, it wasn’t about trying to be a snob about anything. I just wanted to have fun indulging in extravagance to fill my free time, and who wouldn’t right? It’s like when you have guests over for dinner. You don’t serve diet cake. You bring out the most decadent chocolate fudge cake! If you ever meet me you will see that I am by far the un-snobbiest person out there. My point is, you obviously do not need to be a label whore to be stylish and chic. It is almost the opposite. I mean, do I own a Birkin, Chanel, Bottega, etc? Yes, but I never do head-to-toe in it. And I feel like I am cheating when I use my bags as the center piece. All you need is a good bag, but to really be hip, it takes a bit more than that.

You certainly do not need to spend thousands to achieve true style. If you can walk in to TJ Maxx and come out with a fabulous outfit, you have way more clue than anyone living on Park Ave. Not that this MICHAEL Michael Kors clutch is the answer to economic bohemian chic, but I love that it has personality and that’s the key to everything. The cutout handle is all rage (yes, still), and haircalf is considered an exotic (at least it is not traditional leather, and that’s really the crux of the “exotic” trend). I am not an animal print girl, but this is a small bag (12 3/4″ x 8 1/2″) so it just adds a splash of it for some fun. For $348 you get a bag that is on-trend, functional, and can be made all your own. On



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  1. Sad but true: I don´t like these bags at all. It´s not only the `pony hair´that´s annoying. The shape and the handle do look odd. The price is ok,if all you want is a trendy toss away bag.

  2. I’d like to hear more comments on pony hair. Do we like pony hair or not? I have a black pony hair Jimmy Choo Alex and I love it but I wonder what other people think when they see it.

  3. Hi Kelly

    These bags remind me of when I was a teenage girl at school!! The other night I flicked back through some of your old posts and Tina was talking about how you use your bagsnob money to fund your bag habbit…is this still the case?! I feel we know Tina a bit more as you don’t share many of your purchases or is it just that Tina’s habit has escalated into an even habbit….or maybe your still doing up your bathroom so your having to be more sensible!?


  4. Hi Lottie,

    It is true, I do not buy as much as Tina but I also do not share all of my purchases either. I will feature the bag but not always say whether or not I bought the bag. I guess we try to uphold this image that we are completely bag obsessed but for me, I have many other interests that require funding =)

    Love, Kelly

  5. To echo Anita’s comment, I too would like to hear more about what you gals think about pony hair. Not because I have a bag, but I have a pair of Tod’s pony hair loafers believe it or not, that are in stellar condition and I’d like to sport them this fall. Is pony hair on-trend this year or is this a pair of shoes that will die a sad death in their box in my closet?

  6. Hi Kelly and Tina, i just dont like the shape of this clutch even though it’s reasonable in price….versace came out with a similar clutch with gold chain (on the internet, there are only croc stamped ones in yellow, purple, and pink)..and that Versace clutch is far more the store, there are limited leather ones with silk screening which are amazing, esp the purple version which i picked up. While i have to say a lot of versace bags can be a little too much, this metal strapped clutch (esp the limited silk screened ones) rocks…