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Coming up short on Halloween Costume Ideas? …MAC has you covered!


While having lunch with my mother this weekend, I started telling her about what I wanted to be for Halloween. My own mother then delivered a crushing blow- she told me that I (at the tender age of 22) am too old to dress up for Halloween!! -gasp!- Is it true?! Well, since mothers are always right I decided to heed her advice and modify my costume ideas to something a bit more grown up. MAC has has an inspired Halloween Collection that has me excited for face painting for the first time since I was 8!! I am thinking either Robot Chic or Mother Nature, any thoughts? When was the last time YOU dressed up for Halloween? MACHalloween.jpg


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  1. Hey! you’re def not too olD AT 22!! if that’s true than I’m in the same boat and i already promised the bf that I’d go out to a party with him!!! I dressed up last year and went to the massive street party in downtown toronto. It was a masked, sort of Moulin Rouge inspired costume I made myself. gotta say it was fun to make, very fun to wear, and my friends loved it. I was actually trying to figure out my costume for this year… thinking Eve, Mother Nature, a plant… of some sort…. or poison ivy (from Batman). I love doing the intricate face makeup which is what made me think of doing something like that… granted I still have no idea what I’ll do. I had hoped my old Gogo Yubari costume would be good but it seems it’s been lost :P. anyway just have fun, try searching for makeup mask ideas on youtube. you’ll see some pretty awesome ideas!