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A Fresh Holiday Season with… Poo-Pourri


I am laughing out loud as I type this entry. Poo-Pourri? It’s like the street Kelly and I passed in my neighborhood called “Kickapoo” that set off us in hysterics (I know, we are so immature!). If you are looking for  gift ideas, give the gift of delectable scents and odor-eliminating freshness this holiday season when you wrap up a bottle of the absolutely adorable and totally reliable Poo-Pourri. (I am not making this up!)

A perfect addition to any bathroom, Poo-Pourri is a blend of all-natural essential oils that virtually eliminates bathroom odors. With a simple spritz before you use the bathroom, Poo-Pourri creates a film on the toilet water surface to trap odors and freshen the room.

Housed in bathroom friendly bottles and available in a variety of scents, Poo-Pourri is sure to please everyone on your holiday list. Royal Flush (laughing even harder!), for distinguished gents, is packaged in a sleek silver spray bottle; No. 2, perfect for a girl’s dorm or personal bathroom, comes complete with a princess crown charm; Heaven Scent adds a touch of frill to any bathroom with a tiny “expect miracles” pendant; and Original meshes with all bathroom d├ęcor, with a small “P” charm. Poo-Pourri retails for $9.95-$16.95 each depending on size. Go to Poo-Pourri website here.

Each Poo-Pourri product includes a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. So like, if your poo still stinks after spraying they’ll give you your money back. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Even funnier is their tagline…. “Spritz the bowl before you go… and no one will ever know!” LMAO!!!! (but ordering some for stocking stuffers right now!)



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