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Chidoriya Lip Balm gets the Beauty Snob seal of approval!

chidoriyaworld.jpgHi Beauty Snobs!! I got an email from one of you asking for a recommendation for a good chapstick, and specifically what I thought about Japanese beauty brand Chidoriya. When I turned 16 I had two drawers of lip gloss and every flavor of Bonnie Bell on the market… so I definitely feel qualified to recommend Chidoriya Lip Balm to you! I was so impressed with the luxurious, silky texture of this balm that comes from a Camellia Oil base and has a light citrus smell. I put it on every night before bed now and have been waking up with the softest lips I think I have ever had! Chidoria originated in Kyoto, Japan and got its start by making beauty products for Geisha and Maiko girls. As the brand grew, so did Chidoria’s clientèle, and now is happy to be introducing their product line to American beauty aficionados! When you buy the lip balm, you can also choose to order an adorable little bag for it (sort of looks like a wierd strawberry?). I can’t even tell you how happy I have been with it, since I can wrap it around my finger at a bar and not worry about bringing my purse (can’t even tell you how many lip glosses I have lost from my back pocket). Chidoria has many other products like Blotting paper, and if your feeling brave, Nightingale dropping powder =) They ship VERY quickly and pack their products beautifully, definitely worth a space amongst your beauty essentials!


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