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Bag and invite you to discover Closet Couture— a revolutionary way to get dressed and organize your wardrobe! Imagine having your entire closet archived on line so that your girlfriends and/or stylist can suggest outfits for you! It keeps track of what you wore and when (very necessary for our social girls who get snapped by the press on a regular basis) so you can always look your best. You don’t need to be a celeb to have a personal stylist, Closet Couture has partnered up with some of the best stylists in the business– all at your finger tips!

To celebrate this amazing fashionable online experience, we are giving away fabulous accessories to jump start your wardrobe (Jacqueline Travel Tote $795, Cashmere Travel Set $495 and Anya Hindmarch Passport Holder $165) plus the services of a Closet Couture stylist who will plan your next weekend getaway! To sign up to win, click here!



Click and Connect with Stylish Minds at Closet Couture

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Closet Couture?

Closet Couture is a social and fashion online utility that connects people of stylish minds

with those who live or work around them. Members can manage their wardrobes online,

define and refine their personal style, get help if needed, upload unlimited photos, share

links and videos, and create their own style cabinet made up of the best and the brightest. Closet Couture is the online resource for personal, immediate help – anytime, anywhere -so every woman looks and feels her best, every day.

I heard Closet Couture recently participated in an exclusive event called TechCrunch 50. What does that mean?

TechCrunch 50 is the CFDA of technology world, showcasing the top 50 start-ups in the

tech world from around the globe. The second annual TechCrunch launch conference

was held at the San Francisco Design Center on September 8th, 2008. Closet Couture was one of the finalists and was presented by Christine Elia in front of over 1,000 leading

investors, engineers and peers.

What fashion influencers are involved with Closet Couture?

In order to help realize her vision, Founder, Christine Elia recruited a sterling team of

advisory board members, most notably Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti, Philippe Soussand and

Constance Klein.

What are the primary benefits of using Closet Couture?

As a peer-to-peer outlet that opens the scope to a world of new fashion options, Closet

Couture has the unique ability to open closet doors. Members can get personalized

advice, both free and from fabulous affiliated stylists; and seek out new merchandise and

special deals from participating retailers.

For stylists and retailers, Closet Couture is a means of growing their brands and client

bases at a low cost as well as improving customer service and building brand loyalty.

Closet Couture is anchored around virtual closets, which allows retailers to develop high

value customer service platforms and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. It also

provides an avenue for stylists to monetize their downtime and develop a larger client


Closet Couture reinvents the way we connect with fashion by offering a voice for

designers, stylists, models, editors, and you. Some of the site’s most popular features and

functionality include:

• Fashion calendar – Save looks on your calendar to track what you’re wearing, and

who’s seeing you in it. Never be caught in the same outfit twice!

• Packing lists – Ever forget that one essential item or get stuck up all night packing?

Now you can pack ahead of time from anywhere you have an internet connection!

• Wish lists – Love that celebrity look? Peruse through their closet and tag items you

like. Closet Couture will help you get the same look for less.

• Consultations – Need advice? Closet Couture stylists will create appropriate outfits

from the clothes you already own, or by complementing existing items with new

purchases from outside retailers.

• Forums – Curious about how to dress between Milan, New York City, Paris and Los

Angeles? Get the skinny on the latest local trends and seasonal tips here.

Does Closet Couture have partnerships that I may be familiar with?

Closet Couture has aligned themselves with a number of high-end retailers to promote

merchandise and expertise. To date, Closet Couture is pleased to announce the following

retail partnerships:


• House of Lavande (Palm Beach, FL)

• Il Primo Passo (Santa Monica, CA)

• (New York, NY)

• Presse (Los Angeles, CA)


These stores will display merchandise and content on their respective pages, use Closet

Couture to suggest specific items for members, and offer additional services to their new

and existing clients. Additionally, stylists will be able to suggest items easily from their


Who is Closet Couture’s target audience?

Women of all ages and anyone with an interest in fashion will gravitate instantly to

Closet Couture. From the occasional to the avid fashionista, from professional to

recreational stylists, from established to up-and-coming designers, Closet Couture

members have one common denominator: must love clothes.

How easy is it to use Closet Couture?

Closet Couture is a user friendly site that not only offers step-by-step guides but also

simple tools to upload images with out any hassle. Start networking immediately.

How does Closet Couture partner with stylists?

All stylists on the site must be vetted and approved by Closet Couture. These affiliated

stylists have the unique opportunity to work directly with clients from any location and at

any time. Stylists can help clients fine tune their look, choose their outfits and curate

their wardrobes.

Additionally, Closet Couture allows stylists to reach new clients in other markets, build

their names as a brand and promote themselves as an expert in their preferred arena.

Stylists can also offer Closet Couture to their current clients as a way to work with them

in a new capacity, resulting in a steady stream of income and broad range of clients who

are interested in these services.

What services will stylists offer to Closet Couture members?

Closet Couture provides an a-la-carte menu of styling services for their members from

which to choose; the stylist is then contacted through the site and can accept or decline

the job according to schedules and availability. The stylist then completes the service at

their convenience, within the agreed upon time frame.

The service list ranges from a single outfit selection ($25.00) to packing for a vacation

($300.00) to a full wardrobe overhaul ($1000.00).



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  1. Closet Couture site is addictive!!! You can play in your best friends’ closets all day!

    Mine is yet to be photographed and loaded but I have a few pieces of accessories up. Fun!

  2. ummmm….. this is amazing. closetcouture seems to be the website girls have always wanted. and i LOVE the vivre products. thanks for this!

  3. It is like a fashion Diva’s dream come true. I agree that it reminds me of Clueless and several other TV shows I have seen recently.