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Holiday gift ideas: Delirium & Co. Candles


I love candles though given that most of my furniture is modern, over-sized, and made of wood, for the most part I have them scattered around solely for decorative purposes which is why I love the Delirium & Co. Candles. They not only smell wonderful — strong without being over-powering and I particularly love the Pear and Violet scented-candle ($38) — they look chic just as a decorative element! Plus with a celeb following as diverse as Elton John and P. Diddy they have that across-the-board appeal that makes for a great last-minute stocking stuffer. All the candles in the line are soy blends and come in a handmade translucent reflective glass. There are two distinct collections — “The Silver Period” with China Tea, Delicate Bouquet, Pear & Violet, and Sensual Camelia scents and the “The Blue Period” which includes Royal Amber, Samurai Woods, Suede & Smoke, and Sweet Tobacco fragrances.

2 thoughts on “Holiday gift ideas: Delirium & Co. Candles

  1. Love the look of these candles…never heard of this brand, where can you pick them up from?!


  2. On there website is the best place! They’re very chic and uni-sex which is the best part..

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