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Donna Karan Aries Tote


ariesdktote.jpgWe’ve refrained from saying anything about Donna Karan‘s attempts at bags because we adore her ready to wear and kept hoping she (or her accessories designer) will finally ‘get’ it. But the Aries tote clearly demonstrates the brand’s lack of insight when it comes to bags. Seriously, who is this bag made for? A fishmonger? It is a sagging mess with single knotted strap (too short), magnetic closure, and a disproportionately long body (when you dig for your keys, do you have to use a hook to reach the bottom of the bag?). On the 5’5″ model silhouette it’s hitting at the ankles; so on a slightly more petite woman, say 5’3′, it would be dragging on the ground? I don’t understand how someone who is so in touch with a woman’s body with her incredible jersey dresses can offer us bags that are both unattractive (I am so PC these days, what I really want to say is hideous) and useless. $1,595 at

What do you guys think? Snob or Slob?



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  1. From the color to design, it’s tragic. I wouldn’t accept the bag if they gave it to me for free, and I wouldn’t pay ten dollars for it, let alone $1595. I like Karan’s clothes, sure, but does she think that she can get away with this monstrosity? If so, then good luck to her, there are so many other designers.

  2. Honestly I do like the color and the shape IF the straps were much longer or the body was shorter. You’re right though, it’s not functional. 🙁

  3. It has potential…maybe put the cute strap on a more structured and smaller tote and a different color and they could have a winner…but puke green isn’t going to make it lust for it no doubt.

  4. Man! That is one ugly looking bag! I also love Donna Karan’s ready to wear clothing because it’s so easy to purchase and walk out the door in, but this bag looks so awfully made! The color is disgusting and the price tag pretty much is the “salt on the wound” for me.

  5. Not feeling it, and that’s from someone who usually loves green bags.

    Honestly, I think all of the Donna Karan bags are WAY overpriced, even the styles that I initially liked.

  6. I don’t know an Aries woman, much less any woman who would want to have this bag. She does other bags for signs of the Zodiac, but honestly, the only bags that would seem useful and that have some taste that would appeal to the appointed sign would be Leo’s bags. She’s a Libra. She should stick to doing her Libra bags. Aries is Libra’s opposite, and judging by the Libra bags and the Aries bags, they are opposites on the taste level as well.

    Also, what is up with that puke green?

    Maybe Donna has a bone to pick with an Aries?

  7. I know that I am going against what everyone is writing, but I bought this bag. I bought it in the smaller size. It does come in a smaller size, which is a more manageable size. It is a well made bag that I think is beautiful.

  8. I love this bag. Just got it on sale at Saks for 985.00 The color is a great year-round neutral the same as I wear brown bags year round. It’s not a top handle bag, it’s a shoulder bag, which the “model” unfortunately doesn’t represent. I find it understated and a little bit edgy.

  9. I just got this bag on sale too. I adore it! It fits my body really well (I’m 5’6″) and holds everything I need. The color is great. Not sure what bags the negative reviewers were looking at. I’ve had tons of compliments on it.