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Frugal Snob: When the going gets tough, the tough get sparkling


Fashion has an inverse relationship with the economy. The more the market dips, the sparklier fashion gets! I mean you’re already depressed by the recession, why should you look drab to match? Banana Republic has been my secret un-guilty pleasure lately. Everything is so cute and cheap that I can buy to my heart’s content without worry. Take this Jeweled Roll Clutch for example, at $120 it is a glittering gem of a find! It has a retro feel to it and is generously sized is 10″x4″. The only trouble I am having is deciding between the smoky diamond version, the deep blue

or the jet black beaded one. What do you think?




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  1. I don’t think you need ALL three…it’s cute but you would probably be okay with just one. I opt for the Jet Black, but if you feel that’s too blah, go with the smokey diamond. Either one will go with everything so you won’t ever need to switch out. I’ve been shopping all morning on BR and I didn’t even SEE this clutch. Good find 🙂

  2. I’m not really liking any of them and I LOVE all things sparkly. The smoky diamond one reminds me of a bad flagstone fireplace from the 70’s.

    Whatever floats your boat… I’m sure you’ll be happy with your choice(s)!

  3. T~~I Love shopping at BR, but do you really love this clutch? I dont fancy them at ALL!! I guess I don’t see what you see!! =)


  4. Normally I love your picks Tina but this time I have to pass I am afraid…

    Personally I would go for the smoky one the blue and the black remind me of some horrible alien monster skin disease, going out of control.


  5. i would have to agree with cat. typically your finds cannot go wrong. but at a quick glance this looks like some bumpy skin disease.

  6. Ooo. These made me think of the infamous Leiber clutches. I think the Smokey Diamond will be a good choice for the upcoming holiday parties! Nothing says Christmas like sparkle! =)

  7. TINA!

    The blue. The blue.

    Blue, especially dark blue, is naturally compliments your elegant Oriental coloring.

    The blue clutch maybe a little tricky to pair with other things to not distract from another piece, or to not go unseen though, but it looks more lush than the others. Besides, the gray one looks cheap.

  8. hey Tina , just because the economy is in a crisis does not make this clutch hot 😉 I’m sure you can find a better clutch to catch your attention 🙂 maybe you should check out BCBG? Not sure if they have clutches , but sure worth a glance 🙂 hope you are having a good Saturday!

  9. Well, the bag is yuck. Seriously…it’s just ugly. Wilma Flintstone wouldn’t carry it and it’s right up her alley. But thank you for your sensitivity to the 10 million plus Americans who now find themselves out of work.

    I imagine you find yourself treading a very fine line between fashion diva promoting the latest and greatest high end designer bags, and again, being sensitive to those who just a few weeks ago were buying those bags and are now selling them to pay the bills. Thank you for your compassion.

  10. The clutches are ok, but honestly I think $120 is too expensive for something so bumpy and wart-like.

    If you want SUPER cheap, Ann Taylor LOFT has a beautiful silk clutch with gold chain for $39, in pink, black, and blue. Check it out, they are actually quite lovely and classy!