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Holiday gift ideas: Givenchy Very Couture Palette

Update: The price of the palette has been dropped to $45!


This is the best palette for both bag and beauty snobs alike.  You get the super stylish Givenchy grommet clutch plus the palette of gorgeous shadows, blushes and lip color!  I’ve always loved the Givenchy prism shadows and powders, they’re easy to blend to create the depth of colors you desire. 

The prisms also last forever, my last Givenchy bronzing prism lasted me two years.  I know, I know, you’re supposed to toss them after a year but I was told toss it if it smells and since mine didn’t, I kept it.  

The Very Couture Palette is $65 and it’s one of my favorite Holiday gift sets this year!  Someone call Santa!    Givenchy at



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  1. well I missed the deadline for the Bobbi Brown contest, sigh, but wanted to share my story…

    Bobbi Brown products seem to pop up in my life like a magical fairy of beauty blessings. As a young ballerina two decades ago in New York I differed from my fair-skinned swan-like colleagues with my golden brown skin of my multi-racial heritage, and I despaired about finding an appropriate foundation to use onstage until a student from the Alvin Ailey school let me try some of her BB foundation. More recently I survived a rough bout of cancer where I lost all my hair and my entire face was burned with radiation, and used the extra balm for some much needed protection and comfort. Recently was thrilled to see the gorgeous model for the ‘mauve’ campaign whose coloring resembled mine and fell in love with that collection, which was used so tastefully at my dearest friend’s wedding recently, holding up to tears and waterfalls ( I noticed makeup artists really favor BB for weddings, must be because of the natural beauty quality that everyone wants! So why not look like that every day?!). But my favorite makeup experience is what brings me to my favorite BB product, and it was when I did makeup for a group of women who were suffering through cancer and my PINK TRUFFLE pot rouge was used on each one bringing the look of healthy rosiness to lips and cheeks and a smile to the face of these courageous women of all ages and ethnicities who were taking on the challenge of invoking beauty and strength from the inner core of their being, but who deeply treasured a moment to feel beautiful again. I used most of my precious pot, but it was given to a good cause, and I wish I could do this for everyone who is suffering.