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Haute Thoughts by Heidi Dillon: Miraculous Weight Loss Program

Heidi Dillon is the Founder of The Fashionistas.

fitabs.jpgLosing weight and keeping it off is a life-long battle for most women. For women over 50, it’s not just a battle, it’s all out war. After I had my baby, at the ripe old age of 44, I was, shall we say, a little zaftig. When I gave birth, I weighted a whopping 185 lbs. I was BIG. It took me a couple of years, but with a good diet (1200-1500 calories a day), hard exercise program (weight training, Muay Thai kickboxing, yoga) and a little plastic surgery (tummy tuck), I got the blubber off and ended up with a hard, lean body and was very proud of the fact that I had a 6-pack when I hit 50. Those were the days when we all wore low-rise jeans, midriff -baring tops and tight Gucci dresses, and, believe me, my abs butt being what they were, I worked those looks like crazy.

Fashions changed, as they always do, and our eyes adjusted to the new unstructured looks of Marni and Dries. I embraced these looks for their comfort and ease. When I donned a Marni dress to go out with my husband he would say, “that looks comfortable”, which was not a compliment. He never did adjust to my attire going from hot to slop. Like most things that I embrace, I went off the deep end, buying up every sack dress I could get my hands on and I gained 10 lbs. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not blaming Consuela Castiglioni for my weight gain, but, let’s face it, when you put on something baggy, you never have those “oh-oh” moments that you get when pulling on your tight jeans that are a little too tight from stepping off your diet program. Nope. Everything is always roomy and comfy. (Jump for more!)

Fortunately those days are now behind us and my Marni and Dries have hit the resale shops. But, to make matters worse, I spent the summer in Malibu where I drank 2 bottles of wine every night and enjoyed the remarkable cuisine of a private chef, so when I returned to Dallas in the fall, I my body was a mess. I felt so awful about my appearance that I really didn’t want to go out or wear anything other than my stretchy exercise clothes.

Then I got a call from our producers at the Style Network saying that they were going to come to town to shoot some stuff for the TV show we may be doing (more on that later). Now I was desperate. I had been working with a great nutritionist and she let me in on a little secret. She and her new business partner, an internist, were doing hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injections for weight loss and getting incredible results in just 2-3 weeks. Most people were losing 5-7 pounds of pure fat a week. I’m in!! I went to see the internist and he gave me 14 syringes that I was to inject in my subcutaneous fat daily. He explained that hCG is substance that is made by the embryo right after conception and that if women didn’t pig out during pregnancy, they would actually get leaner. I told him that was the weirdest statement I had ever heard and he obviously didn’t know anything about being pregnant.

The injections cause your body to secrete 2500 calories per day of pure body fat into your blood stream – the lumpy, blubbery fat that we all loathe – and you subsequently rid yourself of all of that nasty cellulite. He explained that during the two weeks, I would have to stick to a 500 calorie a day diet but he assured me that I wouldn’t be hungry. The next day I checked in with my nutritionist to get the details of my diet. I was instructed to eat five 100-calorie meals – that means 1 non- fat yogurt, or 1/2 of a chicken breast and some green vegetables, 8 of these horrid dried-up crackers, a small apple,etc. I was advised not to use fatty lotions on my body.

The first day on the diet I was starving and stayed hungry the entire time. However, I lost almost a pound a day! After the two weeks, I had dropped 10 lbs. and was back to fighting weight. I have been off the program for 3 weeks now and have continued to lose weight by sticking to my good old diet plan. The weight that I lost was definitely body fat and not just water and it does seem like I have less cellulite. The cost for this miraculous plan – $2,000. I don’t quite have my 6-pack back yet, but I can now see a lot of definition in my abs. My energy is way up and I feel incredible and most importantly, can fit into my old jeans. 

** does not endorse hcg injections.  Please consult a doctor before commencing any new diet program.

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23 thoughts on “Haute Thoughts by Heidi Dillon: Miraculous Weight Loss Program”

  1. I’m inclined to believe that eating 500 calories a day for two weeks probably had more to do with your weight loss than those injections. It’s also extremely unhealthy. Your nutritionist should not have instructed you to eat that little. Is she licensed?

  2. Your physician and nutritionist should have their licenses revoked. You were subjected to a very unhealthy and dangerous diet. Please see your regular physician ASAP and check your blood counts and electrolytes. I am a critical care physician and I have treated women in the intensive care after these “miracle” diets. Be careful and take good care of yourself.

  3. Hello Dear Concerned Readers,

    Your concerns are undoubtedly justified. Consuming 500 calories a day is certainly not healthy for the long run. However, I did it for two only two weeks and the food I ate was the highest quality. I also took some mega supplements to insure that I was receiving all the nutrients my body needed.

    It’s true that you would lose weight on 500 calories a day without the injections, but it would be mostly water and muscle mass. The injections cause your body to dump 2500 calories a day of pure subcutaneous fat into your blood stream, so consequently you do not sacrifice your muscles. (3500 calories = 1 lb). Since going off the diet, I have kept the 10 lbs off and have resumed a more healthy caloric intake of about 1500 a day (except on weekends when I eat pizza and drink wine!)

    I certainly would not recommend the hCG diet for everyone, but I am the type that will try anything once!

  4. I’m sorry, but I just think this is way out of order.

    Even if a person was severely overweight, one wouldn’t just cut down to just 500 calories – it’s unhealthy despite what “nutritious” food you consume. I strongly disagree to this.

    I just find this absolutely ridiculous – these injections might cause side effects that haven’t been discovered. Even for mesotherapy, there have been some screw ups to that. There is a risk to everything, and at the end of the day, I believe ‘to each his/her own’, and I do applaud you for your courage to try this!

  5. Dear Vogue,

    The 500 calories a day didn’t concern me nearly as much as the possible side effects of the hCG injections. People fast all of the time – it is a long standing tradition in many religions- but injecting a substance that only occurs during pregnancy is the real concern. I wasn’t able to find much information about the long-term side effects in my research. The only side effect I experienced was swelling of the breasts, which I hated.

  6. Heidi is very adventurous and I am always in awe of her bravery in the pursuit of perfection 🙂

    I am a chicken and scared of weird procedures so I live vicariously through her. LOL

  7. Excuse me, I’m going to throw up the lunch I didn’t eat.

    This post makes me sick —

    How didn’t I know about another needle stitching a path to perfection? I live in LA, I’m in my 20s, and I blow dough on at-home lasers.

    But seriously, Heidi, I share the concern of these other readers. As a public service, please reveal your doctor’s information online.

    I’ve seen too many fat chicks lately.

  8. You can read all about the wonders of the hCG diet and it’s accompanying diet in Linda Prinster’s book HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide or The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want you to Know About by Kevin Trudeau.


  9. How funny to come here and see this article on HCG. Readers can do their own research to understand it. I will say that I started HCG in September and during my dosage I lost 20 lb total. I have been off the HCG for about 9 weeks now and so far have only put on 5 total but I have been eating horribly and I know it and have enjoyed it. I am not saying to do that. HCG really does work.

    I do not take INJECTIONS I do sublingual. I take a drop in the morning and one at night. Do it for 23-40 days and then you move to the next phase. It only cost me $20 plus the food and really. No big deal. Those places charging up to $2000 are CRAZY! You can order HCG online or if you are vacationing in Mexico buy it at a Pharmacy (and they call it Choriomon). For those of you that are knocking it, you do not understand it and I agree it is hard to understand.

    You only eat 500 calories because your body basically opens up the abnormal fat storage it has so your body gets the calories from those stored, which we all know our body does we just deny there is a way to get to it. Starvation, exercise, yo yo diets do not open that storage up. The reason it is opened is because your body thinks you are pregnant (if you were to take a test it would be positive while on diet) so your body says I need to feed this baby and mother so I am going to start using up what I have been storing. A way you can tell is that the inches come from all over your body when you lose them, you do not look emaciated and you are not hungry. Any normal person with only 500 would not be able to function.

    🙂 I am waiting till after the holidays to start Round 2 but I am so excited to see how I look by 2010!

  10. just wanted to share a place you can join to read about HCG and talk to and see results for THOUSANDS of others on HCG which I want to add have many that have lost over 100 lb and kept it off. How often do you hear anyone keeping any weight off!

  11. Kudos for Heidi for posting it and doing it! I was on the program and lost all my excess fat and going for a round 2! The beauty of this program is that you can keep it off!

  12. Thanks Erin. I did 60 days sublingually and lost 30 pounds. I have been off for 3 weeks and am maintaining beautifully. I’ll start again after the holidays. My doctor knows what I’m doing and although she’s skeptical, she’s not concerned.

  13. I used HCG sublingually for 2 months and lost 50lbs!

    I did not go to the gym, or exercise myself silly. Quite the contrary. I have a mobility issue and I use a wheelchair to get around. I spend 65% of my time on my butt in a chair and the rest of it lying down. It is very difficult for me to get up and exercise to lose weight.

    When I began using HCG the fat just started melting off of me. It was nothing short of a miracle in my humble opinion. I had been overweight for 10 years. I experienced a little bit of hunger during the first week but that quickly ceased. After that I actually had to remind myself that I should eat something. I was never hungry for the remainder of the time that I used the HCG.

    I felt energized and my sense of well being shot way up and has stayed there. ; ) Just for the record, I am a 53 year old female. I have been off of the HCG for a month now and I have stayed within 2lbs of my last HCG weigh-in weight. The healthy eating habits I learned as part of the protocol are sustaining my weight loss. I highly recommend Dr. Simeon’s HCG Protocol!

    ~ Sue

  14. I have lost 50 pounds on two 6-week rounds of HCG with the 500 calorie per day diet. Went from 218 to 168. I do 6 weeks of maintenance between each round, and will start round 3 at Christmas. Someone commented that eating 500 calories per day is what really causes the weight loss. Well, of course. The HCG keeps your metabolism and fat burning going while on the 500 calorie diet, so your metabolism does not go into starvation mode and defeat the diet. This has worked for me like nothing else. I got all the information I needed from the Yahoo! group hcgdieters, which cost me nothing. I would recommend this to anyone who has battled weight loss for years with slower and lower results.

  15. Really good stories! I’m going to do another round after the holiday’s as well. For the record, I’m 55 and I exercise 6 days a week and stick to a really good diet most of the time. Even so, at my age, it’s almost impossible to keep the weight off and this program really works. I am more than a little upset that I paid so much! I’m in Mexico now with my family and will stock up.

    Thank you all for your comments


  16. It still amazes me how americans have allowed the FDA to brainwash us in the name of protecting us.

    HCG is the answer to the obesity problem plaguing us, yet it’s been maligned by a bunch of greedy, ignorant suits who don’t know anything about the amazing, miraculous program Dr. Simmeons developed. His genius was beyond measure and those of us who’ve benefitted from it will forever be grateful.

    I followed the program, as described by the original Doctor, not by some quack out to fleece people. It cost me under $200 for the three treatments I’d need to lose my excess weight. I completed the first and lost 25 lbs in 40 days. Have kept it off without problem and will start another round in a couple of days. I’ve had no negative side effects from the Hcg. Nor the 500 calories, which are not all that the body is consuming anyway. The purpose of fat storage in our bodies was designed by nature to protect us from the lean times. It’s reserves that the body uses when it doesn’t get enough… The whole biochemistry of fat in humans is honestly beyond me right now, but I am here to bear witness that this program does work. It’s just a shame our government cares more about money than the health of its people. We’ve had the cure for our greatest ailment for over half a century, and have willfully ignored it and unjustly discredited it just because it’s TOO cost effective.

  17. Heidi – definitely do. You need to stop by a Pharmacy atleast 2 days before you want to pick it up. They sell it as Choriomon (Humana Choriana Gonodropina) or something like that. 5000 iu is what I got. You may even want to try doing it sublingually. I used one syringe each time I make my six and then the same dropper every day every dose (medicine dropper) No shots!!! 🙂 Best of luck to everyone!

  18. What was not explained is that the $2K includes physician pre-screening with lab & a physical, monitoring & weekly follow up. Skin elasticity improves. HCG used without Physician pre-screen & monitoring can be fatal! Certain medical conditions prohibit safe use of HCG. Use on your own @ your own risk! Trudeau is a 2 time con, & now a con man being sued by the Feds.

    Only use HCG under the direction & monitoring of an experienced, licensed MD! Many comments here are from people with no knowledge of experience with HCG. 500 cal. without HCG will NOT work, as the barrier to unlock the cellulite is not opened, & loose skin also developes.

    Research very carefully!

  19. Another brilliant move Heide! It against Federal Law to transport HCG across the US border without a prescription from a USA liscensed physician. Jose Canseco (baseball star) was busted last month for bringing HCG across the Canada/US border, was jailed, & now faces federal charges. Are you trying to become the next Martha Stewart? Why don’t you just announce you planned crime to the world via the internet?! We should all listen to your uneducated advice.

  20. Dear Joh,

    While your advice is sound, I must correct you on several points. Jose Canseco was busted for HGH, not hCG. Also, I did not advise anyone to go to Mexico to get illegal drugs.

  21. Jon – I went to Mexico to get it. There was no issue. As a matter of fact you can order HCG online without a prescription and have it delivered to your house. So yes, please get your facts straight.

  22. FYI Everyone…I watched Jose Canseco on a TV interview state that he was busted for HCG! He was using it to try to regain testicular function caused from years of steroids…NOT HGH. Heidi, getting your next HCG cycle from outside the US?…Be honest please!


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