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Jeanine Payer Custom Jewelry


I just bought myself a Christmas present today, a custom engraved charm necklace from Jeanine Payer. I had a cuff made years ago with the Pablo Neruda poem read at my wedding engraved on it and has been my favorite piece to wear because it is so deeply personal. Besides, the engraving so beautifully done it is art in and of itself. I have been looking for something just as personal to be made with my 2 girls names on it and I tried to get an entire charm custom made through a jeweler but it is so complicated. Then I had a “DUH” moment at Barneys when looking at this exact charm necklace and realized that I could just get the custom engraving done on an existing Jeanine Payer design! They charge 10% over the price of the piece which is pretty minimal. This Shirley Necklace in 18K gold is $795 and in Silver is $245. The tags are 1/2″ by 1/4″. Email Faith to order custom engraved pieces (which can be done on everything except Limited Edition pieces), or just shop from their line of inspiring sayings and poems.



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