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Minted Invitations – Giveaway


We have a truly unique giveaway. It is a design challenge for custom Children Birthday Party Invitations from, a new custom stationery destination for birth announcements, holiday cards, weddings and now birthday invitations. Your precious Tot with upcoming birthdays (ages 3-7) will be the inspiration to their team of designers. They will select 3 Tot Snob readers who will win 50 free custom birthday party invitations, along with a $250 gift card on towards a future stationery purchase of their choice. And they will create their new birthday Save the Date design with your ideas! I am always looking for something that is a bit different for my Tots’ birthday party invitations so I am super excited abut this giveaway challenge. Finally, something unique that perfectly suits my style!!

To enter, please email the following basic information by Friday, November 28th:

– Child’s first name

– Location of birthday party (city and type of venue)

– Date of birthday

– E-mail address where you can be reached

– Party theme (if you have one) or child’s latest obsessions

– A photograph of your child(or more if you’d like!) that can help provide a little personality for the designers.

– Why your child should be one of the 3 chosen – be creative, anything goes!

Here is an example of their other design challenge that is going on.



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