Pierre Hardy Modness


Before you get dizzy, I want to tell you I am fascinated by this cube printed leather clutch from Pierre Hardy. It’s like holding a little piece of cubism art right in the palm of your hands. You’d think this would be hard to use but it’s actually quite versatile all year long, it’d stand out with a simple little black dress or white pants and a bold colored top. And for a fun little clutch, it’s priced reasonably at $410. At DIAVOLINA in Los Angeles 323.651.4003 or Kirna Zabete in NYC 212.941.9656 .

Image: Courtesy of Pierre Hardy Paris

8 thoughts on “Pierre Hardy Modness

  1. It reminds me of Escher artwork. Not my type of bag (I don’t wear clutches), but interesting nonetheless. Bags are supposed to be eye catching and this does the job quite well.

  2. Absolutely love it!

  3. Jacqueline on said:

    Weird choice, but if I were given this, then I’d wear it with a bright yellow in a simple silhouette with black pumps.

    Simple, boring, practical. Ha!

  4. not really my type of clutch though.

  5. i saw a matching handbag does anyone know where to buy it?

  6. it is not my cup of coffee

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