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Snob Quiz – November 19th 2008

snobquiz1119.jpgI just realized we have not given away a Bag Snob t shirt in a very long time. Since the holidays are almost upon us, we are in a giving mood and will be running our Snob quizzes each week! Come on, pretend to be excited! Good, that’s better. You all should know the drill by now but if you don’t, jump to see the rules.

To win a Bag Snob T-shirt in the color and size of your choice– tell us the designer of this awful mess of a bag. And here we thought Halloween was over!?!? It just looks so itchy!

Leave your answer in comments. US residents only, please. Quiz will end on Friday, November 21st at Midnight and winner will be selected via random computer drawing. Please respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected. Have fun!

33 thoughts on “Snob Quiz – November 19th 2008

  1. Nancy Buck on said:

    Is it a Chanel bag?

  2. Jacqueline on said:

    I’m going to guess Chanel because when I saw it I immediately thought of the “Tibet” bag.

  3. It’s definitely by Chanel–though the chain is different, apparently it’s called the “Maxi jewelry chain”…

  4. I’m guessing Chanel because of the way the chain is made. Plus, they made that ugly white furry one a while back.

  5. It’s a chanel bag.

  6. Unfortunately it’s a Chanel… :(

  7. Chanel Tibet tote in shearling fringe and lambskin. Looks digusting but I betcha it’s super nice to touch. In the words of Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, “Hot tranny mess!”

  8. LMAO

    There is a god!

    Tina, you’ve made my morning :))

  9. Elizabeth on said:


  10. karl lagerfeld for chanel

  11. It’s Chanel. Horrible, but Chanel.

  12. sandi marx on said:

    this is looking like a Chanel bag for’s their undeniable new hip link chain and they always love to have a few crazy fur bags in their collection!!

  13. coachwife6 on said:


  14. Shareen L. on said:

    *Gasp* Ch-Ch-Ch..Chanel!! Waaaah!! :”(

  15. WOO!! Is it alive??? Chanel

  16. a caveman after he discovered metals, he did it as an apology gift to his missus!

  17. The one and only: Karl Lagerfeld for the House of Chanel.


  18. CHNAEL!!

  19. and I thought Chanel was incapable of bad taste!!!

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