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Tempting Chocolate from Givenchy for Holiday 2008

As if Halloween left overs aren’t enough, we now crave the tempting chocolate from Givenchy.  This 9 color eyeshadow prismissime offer shades that are flattering for almost all skin color.  I just hope I’m not tempted to take a bite.  Remember those bubble gum flavored lip smacker gloss sticks?  Yup, took a few bites when I was 10 and ended up with beeswax stuck in the back of my teeth.  This is the problem when make up looks or smells good enough to eat! 

Givenchy Prismissime Eyes 9-Colors Eyeshadow – Holiday 2008 Tempting Chocolate– $53

Have you ever given in to temptation?

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0 thoughts on “Tempting Chocolate from Givenchy for Holiday 2008”

  1. Tina,

    based in your experience, what’s the best eye cream out there? I’ve been using Sisleya for years, but I think it’s time to move on. Could you recommend me one? I don’t care about the price, just about smoothing the lines; 🙂



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