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Bach Kids

Bach Kids.jpg I absolutely love Bach’s Rescue Remedies . They’re huge in Munich where my parents are from so I’ve grown-up taking drops of these stress relieving homeopathic remedies — they truly work wonders! So I think it’s wonderful that they’ve come up with a special line of their remedies for children! Bach Kids is an all-natural, alcohol free, non-narcotic healing system that can help relieve children’s stress, build confidence, and focus attention. Like Original Flower Remedies the line is created from a combination of flowers recognized for their healing powers, but they contain no alcohol and they are, much unlike the original, sweet. The packaging is also kid-friendly with lively colors. The line features–

  • Stress: Bach Kids Rescue Remedy ($12.95) which is Dr. Bach’s original blend of five individual flower remedies. Rock Rose for stress and anxiety, Impatiens for irritation and impatience, Clematis for inattentiveness, Star of Bethlehem for agitation, and Cherry Plum for irrational thoughts. Rescue Remedy helps eliminate the negative emotions that lead to stress in a number of situations such as school, performances, and travel.
  • Confidence: Bach Kids Confidence Remedy  ($12.95) was created specifically to give children a safe and all-natural boost to aid in overcoming the frustrating obstacles of self-doubt. Confidence Remedy uses the essence of the Larch flower to help do away with the shyness that can hinder a child’s performance in school or in new social situations.
  • Lack of Concentration: Bach Kids Daydream Remedy ($12.95) is natural and safe way to help reign in students’ misdirected energy. Daydream Remedy uses the essence of the Clematis flower which helps bring the focus into the present, allowing students to have more productive days in the classroom.

All it takes is a few drops directly on your child’s tongue or a few drops mixed into water and voila!  It certainly is worth a try before you venture into more invasive measures.


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