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Bottega Veneta Clutch


As with all things in life, sometimes it is best to go back to the basics. No matter how wild Bottega Veneta gets, I will always love its basic woven bags. The soft lambskin may feel as if it’d melt against my skin should I hold it too tight but its woven strips actually make for the sturdiest of bags. I have many Bottega bags but none in this amazingly bright and cheery Mediterranean blue. It is a color I’d gladly drown in! Since I will not be heading off to the beach this Christmas, I’ve decided to bring the beach to me! The oversized clutch (10″/25cm) will brighten your dark wintery days. It also has hidden press studs at the side to expand, a hidden magnetic clasp, two open compartments, a zipped compartment and is fully lined. So you see, it’s not just for evening– with this color I’d rock it during the day with winter white cashmere. Luscious! $1,050 at




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  1. Some time earlier I mentioned about the lack of cosmetic purses. The top brands seldom show any on their online shops,although purses are available in boutiques. US online YSL had one( ! ) earlier in the fall,but that´s about it. Some of the clutches could serve as cosmetic purses, if you carry a larger bag along. A smaller version of this BV would do the trick too. For me this specific BV is a bit too bright, but for sunnier countries it might be fun.

  2. Oh I love it too. I would throw down on this BV clutch. Love the blue too, so so pretty. and I admit I’m not crazy about their “colorful” designs, but their soft woven leather is divine.

  3. Hi Tina, i love this’s so soothing…you are right about the beauty of basics (it’s a classic).

    I was going to ask your advice on something else. Due to the economic down turn, a lot of my SA’s have been calling me. I just got a raisin Kelly and a 35 Bleu de prusse birkin and now have a chance to get a 30 red birkin…I’ve been trying to be good (although i have been justifying my purchases as stimulation to our economy:)…do you buy 30 birkins that is not exotic leather? (it seems to me that many people get the 35 only, unless it’s an exotic)..what do you think? should i hold out for 35? (red is one of my fav colors)…ping

  4. Ping

    I only have 30cm! I have a Rouge H 30cm and a Cherry red 30cm, both togo.

    I am too petite for 35cm, I only do 30 and 25 🙂

    As for exotics, I do both 30cm and 25cm in exotics… Go for the red!!!

  5. Hi Tina,

    I can’t seem to see all the bag images for the past week on your website.

    There’s a question mark that appears in the centre of each image.

    Can you help?

    Rgds, Tracie