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Bourjois Bargain!

Bourjois.jpgA little bit ago I mentioned in passing my love for Bourjois’ lip gloss and a reader asked me to do a post on it. I oblige! And getting ready to do the story I looked at for a link to the lip gloss I love so much and to my pleasant surprise Sephora has marked-down Bourjois Effet 3D High Shine Lip Glosses from $15.50 to $3.88!! I checked one of my local Sephoras because the color I use (#3) was no longer available on the site, but unfortunately at the actual store they are not on sale. That said even $15.50 is a great price for these glosses which are wonderful because they’re completely non-sticky which is a problem with most lip glosses I find. Also I love that they have a brush applicator versus a sponge one and the #3, which I use now that they discontinued #69, is wonderful because it’s provides shine without too much color. I’ve also heard that the Bourjois mascaras are fab, but I have yet to try one of their wands for myself.  What about you?  Have you tried Bourjois mascaras?


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  1. I have used bourjois mascara. I love the Yes to Volume mascara they have. The wand is sort of wierd but once you get used to it, you are one clump free chica! It’s a comb brush so it brushes out the clumps for a smooth and flawless look. -there’s the website you can find it. I just checked sephora and it doesn’t look like they carry many bourjois mascaras online anymore. Also, the price is right for the mascara – at under $15 you’re getting a good value for some pretty decent mascara. It’s worth a try. I’ve been searching for THE ONE mascara that will end the search, this isn’t it, unfortunatly, but it’s a great fill in for now.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Bourjois since living in France. They are the same company as Chanel, made in the same place anyway. I agree with the above post on the Yes.. mascara. I am still looking for a fave. I’ve been going makeup=less lately so havent been looking too hard. I need to quit being so lazy and commit. LOL