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Celeb Trend: Crimson Lips


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I always want to pull of the sexy red lips, but it’s so not me! I almost always wear a very pale pink gloss — love Bourjois and Prescriptives Custom Blend — both are non-sticky which is my #1 pet peeve with glosses! When it comes to lipsticks however I’m loving some of the celebs going ultra glam with their deep red lips, but there are definitely some that pull it off better than others. I think the only way this looks works is if you’re going for something sleek and put-together. I’m not a fan of the disheveled hair that Courtney Cox paired with her lip color. I think it cheapens her look. Jennifer Lopez’s lips are just a shade too deep for me, while I think Madonna (despite the awfulness that is the Louis Vuitton ensemble that she’s wearing), look magnifique! Share your thoughts on who’s snob and who is slob when it comes to pulling-off this trend!


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  1. I disagree that all these women are too old. JLo’s not that old at all. Courtney Cox always seems to have a deep color on her lips and there are so many other women that do this red lip color thing. I can’t pull it off (and no, it’s not because I’m too old). Some nights before going out I smooth on some deep red lipstick just to see once more if it works for me, but it never does. I so wish it worked on me! I’m like you, Sharon, I do the pale pink colors and I also love Bourjois or I tend to do a stain or light gloss. I’m jealous of how great it looks on Madonna!

  2. I love red lips! I don’t do it often but when I do, it makes me feel so glam. I agree with Miranda that all of the women above kind of look old in these pics but usually Madonna pulls it off well. At least she did in her younger days!

  3. I used to love red lipstick, in fact almost all photos of me in college include Chanel red lipstick! I think it looks best on J.Lo. But Madonna looks great too. I do’nt think Courtney’s problem is her lipstick, it’s her hair in this photo, not flattering.

  4. Sharon, have you tried Nars gloss in Turkish Delight? its my FAV!!!!

    All 3 ladies are just not doing it for me, But if I had to choose it would be Madge!!! =)

  5. Tiffany M — I’m glad you like Bourjois too:) I’m always surprised at the price which is a relative bargain given the quality and most glosses and B yes! I love Turkish Delight — both the sweet and the NARS gloss’s actually quite similar to a few of the light pink Bourjois shades. The only thing I don’t like about it is the applicator..I always find that sponge applicators make my lips more sticky than brush ones..anyone else have this problem??

  6. Sharon, I do like the brush app better then the sponge, but I have a hard time finding anything I love in the brush. (I also love the pale pinks shades) will have to check out Bourjois…Thx!! I have such a hard time finding Nars in my town, Sephora is the only place that carries it here, need to drive miles to get them and thats IF they have them in stock (I call ahead) when I do find it, I buy them ALL!

  7. B — have you ever checked online for them? Especially when you know what you like already so much easier to just click and buy! And good idea about Bourjois will do something on some of their good finds soon:)

  8. Courtney Cox normally looks great with dark crimson lips, but here? Her hair is too disheveled and oily looking (too much products?), and the rest of her face looks washed out. I love her to death, but aside from the red lips, nothing is working for her in this picture.

    I remember Madonna for her Russian Red lips. This red is too brown for her. Plus she looks so serious in this picture!

    I’ll always have a thing for J Lo, since we’re both Leos (same exact bday) with big booties. I think this red is too berry for her warm skin tone! Plus her eyes are a tad too overdone that it’s competing with her lips.

    Judging from these 3 pictures alone, all 3 women are slobs. BUT, with some tweaks, they could easily be snobs with crimson lips.