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Dior “Diorita” Snob or Slob?


dioritaside.jpgThis is not an entirely tragic bag, the round hobo shape has potential and the woven leather is actually quite refreshing in contrasting leather. But a hobo should be soft whereas this is way too structured. I am uncomfortable just looking at it! It reminds me of a girl who has tried too hard and looks too perfect. She studied all the magazines and celebrities to pull her look together yet has no personality of her own. That’s it, the Diorita lacks personality. I saw this the other day and put it on my shoulder and it kept slipping off. But on the crook of my arm I felt like I was lugging around a giant frisbee. Such a shame– had they asked me I would have made the bag unstructured and added flat shoulder straps. We are not Barbies, we want our bags to look good and function! Diorita $1,515 (leather) $2,475 (woven leather) by Dior at (While you’re there, shop around the sale– eLuxury has extended the additional 30% off sale items until Monday!)

What about you, what do you think of the Diorita? Snob or Slob?



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  1. I do like the one in woven leather, it looks refreshing indeed although as you’ve rightly pointed out it slips off one’s shoulder and therefore I would not buy it-it’s a shame but then again I didn’t expect a good handbag from Dior…

    I’ve recently visited their website and was horrified to see all that cheap costume jewellery covered in Dior logo. Who buys those things?

  2. I gotta say this: I haven’t sene a really nice Dior bag in a long, long time. This one looks okay on display but cop the handle and you know it will keep sliding down your shoulder, making it a real pain to carry. Nice play on the woven body but in general the structure looks “too plastic” — so good comparison with Barbie, Tina.

  3. The woven one looks like a woolen knitted something and the black one is so terribly simple. If my name started with a D then I´d snatch the D of either one of these for my keys!

  4. If you actually SEE the bag, you would understand the beauty of it.

    The bag is absoutely gorgeous when you carry it, and it isn’t ‘uncomfortable’

    You can’t make judgements based on a mere picture

    Dior has wonderful bags, and changes its styles and shapes quite frequently, unlike other brands, to avoid reptitivness.

  5. this kind of purses looks so beautiful ,

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  6. This is kinda late, but I saw this bag irl recently, and it is beautiful. Doesnt look like much in pictures, but gorgeous irl.