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Hayden Panettiere hopes to become “Hero” of bags


Actress Hayden Panettiere, star of hit series Heroes, introduces her signature Hayden Clutch designed by the actress today, December 1, 2008. The bags are available at Dooney and Bourke New York, Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Costa Mesa, White Plains, Old San Juan, Japan, and Macau. The Dooney and Bourke spokes-model was given the opportunity of a lifetime to create her dream bag with Peter Dooney. The Hayden Clutch is fashioned from Italian calfskin with a 24 carat gold plated lion head closure, inspired by her astrological sign, Leo. It has a fully lined interior, outside back pocket and is available in black, white, red, royal blue, hot pink and purple. The clutch retails for $295 and is available exclusively at Dooney and Bourke stores nationwide during the month of December.

Uh, generally we laugh at attempts by actresses to ‘design’ bags but in this case, I have to say not bad! Maybe I’m biased towards Leos but the logo is not totally obtrusive and the fun colors are making me excited for the holidays. I am loving the blue and red and am looking forward to seeing the hot pink. I love the price point as well, $295 is reasonable for Italian calfskin with 24 carat gold plated hardware. I’ve never been into Dooney and Burke– too conservative for me; but this collection may just change my mind. What about you, what do you think of the Hayden clutch?



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  1. I’m not of fan of Dooney & Bourke either. This clutch is such a simple and unoriginal design and shape. It looks a tad too bulky to hold in the hand comfortably too.

  2. I love her brown tote that has been in the magazines, but not this clutch. I like the colors but otherwise can pass. When I finally got into designer bags I just skipped DB and Coach and went for the over $1000 jugular. lol. so, nah!

  3. I am wondering how old everyone is that don’t like it? This is a good price point for my age and something I don’t feel bad asking for Christmas from my parents.

    I am 20 and I love the colors. The gold trim is very hip and trendy right now at school we’re all into the bling.

    Oh and i love Hayden!

  4. I am tired of seeing celebrities endorsing products or become fashion designers for a season just because they can. Enough!

    Actually the clutch is not bad, is across betwen Versace and Tory Burch.

  5. It’s Vegas and Christmas all wrapped together with yes, I agree, a touch of Versace. I could do with a bit less gold but overall, Ive seen much worse at five times the price. I am not a drooler for Dooney & Burke, but it seems to me that it was the first brand I remember the average Joe(sephine) splurging for in the US.

  6. It is not terrible but something about it is not working for me. I like the colors and think the gold trim and even the leo-logo is alright, but structurally it is to “squash-y” for its large size. I think something sleeker would work better for a large clutch like this, or flesh it out and make it more of a hobo?

    I never liked D&B because of the incessant use of logos they kept putting all over every bag (like Coach but worse). Thank goodness Hayden kept that at bay!

  7. As if the consensus isn’t already made count me another vote for “Slob”.

    I don’t like the shape of this bag (too boring and matronly) or the texture of the D&B bags in general. For that price there are corresponding Coach bags (w/o the logo) that are a better purchase (and maybe even better then that)

  8. Ladies, the gold makes sense with this clutch.

    Gold is a bold color. Leo’s are bold people.

    Also, Gold is the color associated with Leo, asides from Yellow, so if you think about it, the design of the clutch had some thought put into it.

  9. Honestly, it’s cute, but I was never into oversized clutches. They just don’t make sense to me. I have enough trouble trying to keep my own purse on my shoulder… A giant clutch would be too much of a burden. Attach some straps to that bag and lower the price to around $100… and I’d be down to get it. I think the bag is on par with a lot of the other designs out there. I don’t watch heroes so I don’t know anything about her so I have no bias around the designer. You know, on second thought, scratch the extra strap. Just make it smaller, like (one) hand held size. That’d be cute to thrown into a handbag (or backpack!).

  10. I don’t like it… it just looks kinda tacky. But i think part of why it looks so chunky in the picture with Hayden is because she is very petite and has such small hands.

  11. This is not my style, but would be fine for others. I have never owned a Dooney bag, because I’m a BAG SNOB and am a Chanel girl, but I have seen their vanchetta leather bags in person and the leather is BEAUTIFUL.

  12. i think its beautiful and young…also the price is very good.

    It may not be Chanel or Bottega, but then its not trying to be; its simply a bag that would look great with jeans as well as cocktail dress!

  13. Oliana, I am 22 and really don’t like it-the colours are too bright,the logo looks cheap and I would never buy anything designed by a celebrity that’s well known just for starring in one tv series anyway

  14. I like it, especially for the gold lion head, but not enough to buy it. The overall shape is a little off for me. My purchase choices aren’t based on who designed the piece necessarily, just if I like it. So I don’t really care that Hayden whatever designed it, I think its kind of cute.

    It’s stupid to bash something just because the designer is a celebrity.

  15. I’m 25 and love them! I’d have to touch them and feel them in person, but the design is very pretty! For the price, I think it’s most more tasteful and aesthetically pleasing than a lot of the high-end atrocities I’ve seen this season.

  16. I dont know about you guys but i absolutly LOVE THIS CLUTCH & i think that Hayden knows how to make a purse. My favorite one is the blue colored one(: