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Jimmy Choo Dylan Beach Bag

I really hate clear bags, they are not only tacky but I have no desire to let everyone see what I am carrying around with me. Not that I have anything to hide but it is a bit like wearing see-through clothes. But having said that, this one in particular is kinda cool and psychedelic. Maybe it is the 80’s neon that is striking a chord with me, or maybe it’s seeing a beach bag in middle of winter that is making me wanting more! I have recently become a bigger fan of Jimmy Choo, even though the brand is falling out of favor with the die-hard lovers. The shoes are still impossibly uncomfortable but the bag of late are ok with me. Not that I would get this bag, it is super pricey for plastic at $1050 but I’m just saying, if you like these clear bags, this one is one of the better ones. At Net-a-Porter.


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  1. kelly, i see the appeal, and i agree the bags are getting better but the price, i don’t see how they justify this for plastic?

  2. Never liked clear bags. The Michael Kors clear Astor tote passed a borderline likeability test. Somehow, this one looks very agreeable. But only a FOOL will pay more than $50 for a PLASTIC BAG! You wonder why Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon are laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. I always wonder when they price bags much higher than they should (and put a price they know people are not willing to pay, particularly in a bad economy) if part of the reason the price is so high that when it goes on sale for the price people are actually willing to pay for something like this (say, 300 dollars? even though that’s ridiculous for a plastic bag, its still jchoo) people think they’re getting a bargain because of the large discount, and thus are more likely to buy.

  4. No offense, but this bag is pretty ridiculous. I fell off my chair when I saw the price tag? Frankly, the Jimmy Cho brand isn’t carrying as much cache for me these days. Even in 2001, the shoes were horrid and cause havoc on my feet, and the bags have much to be desired.

    I’ve actually seen bags in the street that are far superior. Sorry.

    This bag is just tacky.

  5. This bag is ridiculous and so is the price. I used to like their shoes a few years back but recently there has not been anything special. I did recently buy a Jimmy Choo handbag at 60% off, I thought it was worth it for that price.