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More Givenchy Love, Sacca to me!


There are a few brands I am partial to and Givenchy is one of them. It is all due to the coolness of Creative Director Riccardo Tisci– he really gets it; he’s like the Kate Moss of fashion designers. His creations never look like they’re trying too hard, they’re just… there; slouching and hanging out, with style and attitude. Like all the cool kids in school. And by cool I don’t mean the cheerleaders or jocks, I mean the kids who don’t follow any rules but their own. saccahandle.jpgI love my Sacca small hobo but now there is a slightly different variation– the Sacca in medium (15″x19″). Not only is it much bigger, but the edges are ruched and they’ve changed the chain to a woven leather (probably due to weight reasons, which just make me love Riccardo even more for thinking about our backs!). My friend Rachel, aka the Editor in Chief of InStyle in the Czech (I have trouble spelling this word) Republic, has been on the hunt for a new bag and we think this is perfect for her new role as the Fashion Queen Bee of the Eastern Bloc. $1,895 at Barneys New York



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  1. I really do like this – it’s so grungy and cool, yet so luxe. The chain is just gorgeous, and the leather is just slightly shiny, which is beautiful!!

  2. These bags are neat. Are the colors black or grey and plum or what? Anyways,what a relief to see some good stuff at last (it is thursday already) !

  3. I LOVE Givenchy!!! and I also love this bag. It might be my new running around with the kids bag as well!!! THX T!!!! going to Barneys this weekend!! YAY!!! xoxo

  4. How fab – I was just about to email you guys about this bag! I’ve been eyeing it for about 2 months – this just might be my Xmas bonus treat! One question though…do you know the width of the bag? Thanks!

  5. So lovely to see a “medium” bag in this size! (15″x19″) I don’t like small bags (except clutches, that is), and there seems to be a trend to make smaller bags. Michael Kors Lattington satchel is gorgeous but tiny!

  6. no… thanx. I tried it on and it looked like a… basket!!! awful. instead I got the mogambo orange bag. it’s lovely.