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Philosophy Gingerbread House gift set looks delicious!

philosophyginger.jpgI am obsessed with Gingerbread houses; blame it on Hansel and Gretel but when I see one, I must take a bite.  I once ate a piece of Gingerbread house at my friend, Entertaining expert Kimberly Schlegel Whitman’s Christmas dessert party (she loves throwing dessert holiday parties!) and she was like “you just ate glue!”. Did I care?  Nope, did I take another bite?  Yup! 

Philosophy has a gift set that won’t be safe from my bite either, it has the most delicious smelling 3-in1 shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath in red hot, creamy frosting, spicy gum drop and gingerbread flavors.  It’s only $28 so I plan on picking up a couple but they’re so cute I may not give them away; I am like that– I buy gifts for people and end up keeping them.  Trust me, I am really irritated with myself but I can’t help it!

I’m also taking a Mommy and Me Gingerbread house baking class with my son on Saturday, we’ll see who eats more– I just hope he doesn’t cry when I eat his Gingerbread house!  At



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  1. I love gingerbread houses too, but I never tried eating one that’s just sitting there before. Actually, I’ve only made one once in 5th grade. I think I probably took longer than I needed because I was eating all the gum drops.

    What do most people do with the finished product? Do others eat it?

  2. I think you can eat it while you’re actually making it, lol

    We didn’t use glue this weekend, we used frosting. But no, I don’t think you’re supposed to eat the finished product. Which is such a waste!