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Pop Up Bins, Cute Storage Solution!


I am always searching for good storage ideas that are cute and functional. Who isn’t right? I am not the most organized person and unfortunately, this has passed down to my kids. One of my new year’s resolution is to FINALLY clean up the playroom and that means organizing all the toys. I have open bins for all the odds and ends stuff that cannot be stored on shelves, but someone the room still looks incredibly messy. Let’s face it, my house will not ever be totally clean again, but I am trying to have some semblance of order. These Pop Up bins are my solution. They are totally adorable and the lid is perfect for hiding whatever is inside. These also collapse to be totally flat so I can have some of these on hand for the inevitable overflow after everything under the tree is opened. The large is 15.5″ diameter x 16″ tall, I do not recommend the smaller ones, toys are bulky and big. Comes in 7 color combinations of stripes or dots, $48 at Nini and Loli.



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