Rebecca Taylor Resort 2009


As much as I love my cocktail dresses and ball gowns, I can’t very well run around in them daily with a toddler (though I wish I could– one day!). One of the designers I wear often is Rebecca Taylor. Not only are her designs easy to throw on, they are always feminine and stylish so you know you’ll be fabulous without giving it much though!

I’ve appeared on television in her designs and worn them to the park with my son– that’s how versatile she is! I’m currently obsessed with florals and frills for resort; and though I love the wholesome look of the model above, I plan to wear these dresses with my hooker platform heels and fishnet tights (it’s a weird phase I’m in). Rebecca Taylor at

Prices average $200-$400. (My favorite is the Blue Silk Chiffon Ruffle Dress- $390!)

4 thoughts on “Rebecca Taylor Resort 2009

  1. OH T~ Before I even read your post I saw that ruffle dress and said to myself I MUST!! have!!!! THX!!! LOVE Rebecca Taylor!!!

  2. Adore Rebecca Taylor! Super versatile and pretty.


  3. I never gave her much thought until you writ this

    Will check her out

  4. Aww, I love Rebecca Taylor! The blue ruffle dress is sooo pretty.

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