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Sofia Coppola Capsule Louis Vuitton Collection- Snob or Slob?


Photos from WWD.

I’m a little horrified by these pictures that were in WWD! Director and Marc Jacobs muse Sophia Coppola has designed a capsule collection of handbags and shoes for Louis Vuitton that will hit stores in March. As of yet the results are not only disappointing, but seem completely uninspired and is it just me or do those tacky gold shoes just scream Payless!?

What do you guys think? Snob or Slob?


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  1. These look like pieces that Sofia Coppola would wear herself.

    Who knows? Maybe she will buy up all of the pieces?

    Then again, these pieces could be big sellers in the whole “hey did you get that at target”, “no its LV” type of way.

    Who knows. The pieces are simple, but simplicity isn’t bad, but Louis Vuitton wasn’t designed to be boring in my opinion.

  2. Since you haven’t told us anything about the materials these shoes, bags, wallets are made of, we don’t really have much information, do we? That said, I like the navy color of the bag a lot. Is it made of suede, velvet or nubuck? Do those shoes have a wedge heal? I like Coppola’s style and she has done a lot for flat shoe elegance.

  3. Yes the shoes are wedges and the bags will be made in suede and leather — I wish I had more information, but as of yet that is pretty much all that was released! I agree I like Coppola’s style and she pulls of MJ like no other. I’m just not a big fan of her designs as of yet…

  4. Like the suede bag, but can pass on the clutches and shoes. Just watched godfather last night and her dad is a genius. Bag snob complains about lv’s bag being gaudy, but when they do something without logo’s and simple and beautiful, it’s boring and still tacky?!? or do we just decide to hate everything LV does? not everyone can afford birkins.

  5. tres boring boring boring *yawn* she’s an actress and director. what qualification does she have to DESIGN a capsule collection for a luxury house. marc jacobs nailed this one when he said that the LV collaborations are getting too rampant these days.