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Sula Peel-Off Nail Polish

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What do all these celebrities have in common!?? A love for Sula! That’s right all of these gals are fans of Sula the Susanne Lang fragrance line that just came-out with a wonderful new line of non-toxic, environmentally-friendly nail polishes that are water-based and allow you to paint-and-peel your color avoiding harsh nail polish remover all together! So use these polishes when you’re doing an at-home mani/pedi and you’ll be able to peel-off your nail color when you get bored of it in just one clean swoop! Just don’t forget a base coat to protect your nails and a top coat to give them that professional shine!


6 thoughts on “Sula Peel-Off Nail Polish

  1. That would just be damaging to your nail, though. Every time you peel off polish, you take a layer of your nail with it. I would avoid doing that, it often leads to peeling nails.

  2. eco friendly but a total pain. I tired everything to keep them from peeling off cause they peel WAY TO EASY. if only I didnt have people to text, dishes to wash, paperwork for file, things to type… blah blah blah then maybe i’ll use them but until then nope.

  3. won’t a base/top coat prevent you from peeling the nail polish off?

  4. Nope it actually makes it easier:)

  5. can this possibly have staying power? i’ve never used peel-off nail polish, but i imagine it would begin chipping immediately!

  6. Ya it completely depends on your lifestyle. If you’re looking for something that will still look fab after a week this is not it, but if you’re constantly changing up your nail color to match your wardrobe choice I think it’s a great option!

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