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Bag Snob Edits New York Magazine “Shop-A-Matic” Bags of 2009!


We were invited by New York Magazine to Guest Edit its “Shop-A-Matic Bags of 2009” and of course eagerly accepted. We diligently reviewed hundreds of bags from dozens of designers and discovered more than a few gems– it was hard to narrow down the list! But after much thought (and debate amongst ourselves), we have come up with what we feel are the best 160 bags of 2009 for both Women and Men with prices ranging from $16 – $4,950 and beyond.

We had a lot of fun during our guest stint as Editors of an esteemed magazine and must admit, it’s hard work! A big thank you to New York Magazine for having faith in our taste and judgment in bags and for giving us a bite of life in the fast lane of fashion publishing. Go shop the Shop-A-Matic Bags of 2009 now!



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  1. Without having seen or touched them, the Hayden Harnett selections for Target actually look like the stuff they sell at the luxury stores — excellent design and proportions.

    I’m so pleased you selected a Pantone bag for the list; I think all colour geeks can appreciate that one.

  2. Most of the bags below 600 were bleh. What’s up with that? They couldn’t find any good looking bags for less than 5 bills? The list was a disappointment until it reached the point that is out of my price range 🙁

  3. Givenchy. That’s all that matters.

    Oh and my new Arena Balenciaga. First ever.

    AND the Prada fringe bag…from two seasons ago…

  4. yeah, not so much a fan of the under $600 group. i do love that Banana Republic Foldover Clutch but sadly, that is probably all I will be able to afford. I also like the De Beber Satchel by Bulga, but even that’s a stretch for me. However, if I win the lottery, that pink Nancy Gonzalez tote is so mine! As are about forty others from that list haha. Good job Snobs!

  5. I loved the purple urban outfitters tote! so cute! but it’s PVC?! why couldn’t they make that out of leather? But I love the list too Tina and Kelly! Major Snob!

  6. Love:

    Faberge Clutch by Temperley London

    Mosaico Clutch by Oscar de la Renta

    PS1 Bag by Proenza Schouler (can you get that in Midnight Blue like the clutch one?!)

    Black Patent Undone Bag by Fendi (the canvas version is featured in UK Vogue this month)

    Satchel by Nancy Gonzalez

    and of course: Medor Clutch by Hermès


  7. I recently looked at the Harnett bags at Target.The styling was good , but the material the bags were made of looked very cheap. The inside was pretty bad too.I didn’t buy, because I’m a Bag Snob :).