Christian Louboutin Geneva Braided Tote


I am becoming quite the fawning fan of Louboutin bags now that he is putting his magical touches on them. The simple but bold design is truly original, it is braided on one side and perforated dots on the other side! It is not heavy handed or gimmicky in any way, it’s feminine, distinctive and functional on top of it! The 2 loose pockets on the ends are incredibly useful and the wide band strap will stay on and be comfortable. There is nothing more chic than a simple design that has just enough of oomph. The nude is THE color of the season, unless of course you are into 80′s neon, then street sign yellow is for you, but this bag in the nude is perfect for showing off the details. At Luisaviaroma for $1230. Pretty reasonable considering his shoes are around the same price.

8 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin Geneva Braided Tote

  1. Cherie L. on said:

    like the braided side, don’t like the perforated side. still not fierce enough though. i wouldn’t buy this. there’s “something missing”.

  2. kinda boring….

  3. I could see forever 21 copying this bag in bright pleather pinks, greens and blues and making the same amount of profit.

  4. If this was not a designer bag you would not pay attention. Implimenting the “Louboutin” name is what draws you to entertain the thought. I doubt you would pay attention if this stripped of the name and rely soley on the design.

  5. Oh Kelly! I love love this bag! You described it so well!!

  6. Anonymous on said:

    i agree – there is nothing special about this bag. sure, the material and the quality must be top draw. without a high-end designer name attached to it, its just a ‘yawn’

  7. I love it’s simplicity and spark all at the same time.

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